Do any of you engage in aftercare after a session? I have been noticing that after rather intense sessions lately that I have some uncomfortable nervous/anxious energy left over that eventually subsides. Going for a run helps but curious if anyone else experiences any negatives after a session and if you do anything right after you are done.

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Finally got some alone time and …

This is more of a vent post but also curious if anyone else runs into this issue. Since the pandemic hit I have not been able to have very much “alone” time where I have the entire house to myself. With two teenagers (older teens) and wife there seems to rarely be a time when everyone is gone at the same time long enough to prep and have a real sessions. Mentally, I need the house empty and know I have time to really get into a session. I think I have had 4 total sessions. I do have aneroless sessions later at night at least one a week. It never fails, when the the last person leaves, another one is due home any moment. Its actually quite frustrating.

So today, I get a chance to have a session as my wife was taking both kids out to run some errands. I prep and start my session and get into it for about 15 minutes, getting into some really great pleasure, getting into a zone. Then the phone rings. It’s my wife needing me to go to the safe and get some info that she needs. Ugh. all pleasure gone now and after sorting out the info with the wife I start up again but just could not get back into the groove at all. Just lay there with some minor pleasure for the next 30 minutes or so. Just could not get my mind back into it. The morning is ruined.

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