New one and yess!

Yesterday after day full of trouble at work I felt to treat myself.
Had already in mind to buy the Progasm jr…because the Progasm did not work for me so far.
On the way home by train I stepped out at Amsterdam Central Station.
From there it’s a 3 minute walk to the Red Light District with all the erotic shops.
Went inside the shop where I bought my Progasm with the idea to buy the Progasm jr.

Not available yet so had to choose something else.
The Helix Syn Trident became my weapon of choice.
Skip forward to bed time.
With some lube lying on my side this toy went smooth inside me.
My prostate was happy to met his new friend…a nice rush of waves hits me down under.

I tried another pose on my knees,body down and ass up.
This was the trigger for me…my muscles take over the moves while precum was drippin.
Suddenly my body started shakin and a undiscribable feeling took over for a few minutes.

This was for me really fast after sessions with the Progasm and the Tempo.
What a nice ending of a terrible day at work.



  1. So when in that position and the waves turn into involuntary motions, does this make you fall over? I have been afraid of hurting myself being in any kind of position that I could fall. Or rotate in a way that the arms could catch something and ruin the feelings.

  2. I seem to enjoy thinking about interactions I had with people not to long before a session,makes you feel kinda naughty.

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