Can I stop myself from moaning?

Hey, I made an alt just for this

Recently I came across this sub and seeing how amazing the orgasms described here are, I want to try it myself. The problem is I am 18 but I’m still living with my parents, I’m moving to uni next year. I’m scared that if I moan (and from reading people’s experiences I see that you moan a lot) I’ll get caught in the act. I’m fine as long as I don’t make any noise though, they won’t just randomly barge into my room to check on me. But if I do moan, I’ll definitely get caught.

So is it possible to suppress the moans? If so, I’ll buy one. Or should I just wait until I’m living by myself?

Many thanks



  1. Hey man! Not to sound negative, but the journey to any kind of orgasms can take a while with Aneros. That’s not to say the journey isn’t great fun. It has been fun from the start and it’s so worth it to start as soon as possible. Your future self will thank you for putting in the work, so you can reap all the rewards then.

    I had the same worries when I was starting off and used to get into my head too much about it.

    Some peoples journeys are shorter or longer than others. Like the chances are, you might not feel much for a while. But that’s perfect! You can spend this time before you move out getting used to it all and “rewiring”. It will be a massive help to you to have this work done by the time you move out! Otherwise you’ll be starting from scratch then.

    For myself, I have my own place so I can have sessions when I want and for how long I want, and be as loud as I want. But I can also be quiet. If I totally let go, the moaning feels great, but I can also just breath deeply and slowly instead of groaning and it’s fine and quiet. I’ve only ever moaned involuntarily when I was a few hours into a session and absolutely flattened.

    Some people say they keep a towel next to them to bite down on so there’s plenty different ways to keep quiet if you do find yourself having intense pleasurable sensations out of the blue. You could always follow it up quickly with a cough or two and say your water went down the wrong way or something 😂

    Either way best of luck! Sorry if this was a bit of a novel

  2. Dude, your roommate will be doing it too. Make an agreement for personal private time that you or he can have at a scheduled time. I’ve even heard of roommates that were okay that either one of them could wank between 10 PM to 5 AM, even if the other was in the room. You’re an adult with sexual needs. Be upfront about these needs. Work it out. If he’s a no flapper, ask for a different roommate. Self pleasure is natural, normal, and healthy. Act like it.

  3. Get a paradise set $20, lay there and enjoy the small movements. That thing will give you amazing pleasure without making you moan.

  4. My last session (last night) the orgasms completely took over my mind. Like… I knew I had to be quiet, but in that session the only thing that mattered was the enormous constant pleasure I was feeling and I didnt care about anything else: getting caught, being too loud, nothing.

    It was incredible. If you ever reach orgasms like that, good luck trying to contain your sounds. It’s impossible and you won’t even care lol

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