First time using, felt nothing but a lump of plastic in my butt

Ordered a Progasm last week and have been beyond excited to get this thing up my ass. I’ve been aware of these Aneros toys for some time and recent experimentation with a curved vibrator convinced me that I needed to try something actually made for hitting my p-spot since I felt like I was getting close but it was difficult to know for sure if I was hitting the spot and found myself twisted into more and more uncomfortable positions in pursuit of the spot. All the reading I did to learn how to hit my prostate suggested that I’d know it when I hit it but no amount of digging around in there (I kid, I was gentle and procedural) hit anything that really stood out to me as OMG RAPTUROUS PLEASURE!!! So the Progasm arrived today and wasn’t out of the box fifteen minutes before I had all my clothes off, the toy lubed and popped comfortably up the back door. As promised, it sits comfortably inside me, and I can definitely feel it up against the spots I was working with the vibrator but still, it simply feels like it’s up there and… well… that’s it. I did some breathing exercises, taking in a deep belly-breath, relaxing, and I could feel the toy slip further upward, which was not an unpleasant sensation, but again, not, ya know, good. I’m trying (and obviously failing miserably) to come at this without expectation, but an expectation of at least *some* sort of sensation isn’t too much to ask, I think.

Altogether, I spent about an hour with it. I did a little bit of pelvic floor tensing. I spent some time doing this while touching myself all over, making sure not to stroke my cock. I put on some porn to see if I could kickstart something. I did eventually get into a rhythm while on my knees, with my legs spread apart. I started rocking on it while cultivating a terribly filthy fantasy and got… something but again, not what I’d characterize as pleasure. Plus, I’m trying to work the whole hands free thing and this somewhat involved me moving it around inside myself, slightly.

Eventually I had to call it a day since I’ve got stuff to do. When I stood up, a long string of thick precum dangled from the head of my cock, which struck me as *terribly* sexy and I look forward to see more of that. But I do kind of wonder. Am I going to be one of these people who can’t experience a prostate orgasm? I am being realistic here and cutting myself some slack. I plan on keeping all of this in mind, particularly the image of the precum 😉 when I try again tomorrow. But is this at all common? Is there a build up from no sensation to the mystical transcendence of the SUPER O?



  1. It would be extremely unusual if you had a prostate orgasm your first time, it sounds like yours was a better than average first experience, but rest assured it takes most a good bit of practice and dedication to get the amazing results we all seek.

  2. Not surprising. You need to go through a “rewiring” process that teaches your brain there is pleasure to be had from new sensations which can take a bit of time. When I started playing around (before I had any dedicated toys), I had desire to find pleasure but I just couldn’t find any despite several attempts. I almost gave up entirely but found and that opened the door. I’d recommend starting there.

  3. Training your prostate takes time. For some it’s months, others years. Keep at it is my main recommendation.

  4. I know you said you’re trying not to have expectations, but you really sound like you had expectations.

    Try the “Do nothing” approach.

    And like, really, do nothing. It took me years to figure out that doing nothing, literally meant, doing nothing. I always had an ego about it thinking, yeah that’s fine but I know I can hold a tense and then I’ll do nothing while tensing. And “oh that feels good, I’ll keep it right there”. Nope. Literally. Do nothing. The toy will move when it’s time. I find after all this time, that all my effort to make something happen, was actually stopping the right things from happening.

    If you’re clenched, it can’t move. And you’re just Tiring yourself out. Your muscles will tire out themselves from just holding the toy in there and start the involuntary contractions. But they will be tiny movements. Still do nothing. Don’t try and make it go fast or hard or anything.

    If I could give one bit of advice to my younger self starting the journey, it would be to do nothing. And try do nothing for as long as possible. After a while it feels impossible as the feeling will get bigger and bugger and all you want to do is squeeze it to make it stronger. But it will only push the feelings away.

    Patience is key. And though it’s all easier said than done, just let it do its thing. Your body and the toy will do it all for you. Just let it

  5. I think for some people they just don’t work, too.

    I’ve got 2 aneros massagers and I’ve owned some from other brands, they do nothing for me.

    I’ve been playing with my ass for 2 decades and can have prostate orgasms but aneros just feels like wearing an expensive butt plug to me.

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