Vice 2 Review

I haven’t really written much lately. I wrote a really good one on a session with the helix, sadly the body never saved. I purchased a vice 2 last week and have since tried it out a few times. Im not going to spend a lot of time going over the specs, or vibration modes, Im going to skip to what everyone wants to know. The stuff the don’t put on the website, the dirty little details that vary slightly to everyone. The not so pg stuff.

I purchase the vice 2 locally. Got it home and immediately started charging. It also comes with a remote that must be charged. 2 hours of waiting in anticipation made for some really nice build up. My thoughts at this point. This toy is somewhat large vs other toys in the aneros line up. Honestly it was a little intimidating, for someone with a rather tight hole. Im not a big large toy fan. I like finger size or a little larger. This toy is really nice to look at, and visual inspection will tell anyone familiar with their body that this toy will hit the right spots. Its insertable length is a little longer than most other aneros toys or some of the lelo toys. For me this isn’t a bad thing. I find my prostate is a little bit farther back than 2-3 inches. Maybe 3.5 or so.

Progasm ICE, my old friend!

HI guys,

Early this morning after reading a thread on Progasm ICE on the Forum, I decided to have a session with Progasm ICE, my old friend which had sat unused for many months. It is so wonderful to reconnect with Aneros models which has served you well over the years. We are now in the New Year of 2022! Ten years ago, in early June 2012, I began my Aneros journey with Aneros Syn which had recently had arrived on the market. A month later, in July, I began using Maximus. Soon afterwards, I began using the white Progasm Classic and the Progasm ICE. I enjoyed the rugged action of Progasm Classic, but also the sleek, silky action of Progasm ICE.

Last night, we had one of the coldest nights in two years which temps in the low 20’s. I slept relatively well with several blankets and towels surrounding my neck and a woolen cap on my head. I diddled my nipples throughout the night which alleviated the cold of the night.

When I arrived at my session with Progasm ICE this morning, I was well primed of my night of nipple diddling. I was amazed at the silky, sleek action of Progasm ICE. The model is well-suited for Kegel action. This model works well with calm rhythmic breathing. A Kegel here and there accentuated the delights of my ride.

My general nipple diddling routine

Hi guys,

As many of you know, I am adept at diddling my nipples mostly most nights in bed. In recent weeks, we have had cold weather here in DC. Meteorologists had called a cold January. However, on Presidents Day weekend in February, the cold weather should begin to let up and we should have signs of approaching Spring. However at present most nights, I cover myself with several blankets, a blanket wrapped around my neck, and a woolen cap on my head. Nipple diddling eases for me the tedium of cold winter nights!

My nipples began to be wonderfully sensitive following my SO and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. A month before, in August, I devised a regimen of Kegels which launched me toward my breakthroughs a month later.

Now I generally diddle my nipples in two basic ways: (1) back and forth across my nipples, and (2) circular fashion around my aureoles and one the nipples themselves. It is so wonderful and so sweet that diddling my nipples this way can cause me to have Super-O’s and MMO’s many times throughout the night. I found that there is a direct connection with my diddling and my prostate, even my penis.

I seldom diddle my nipples in the daytime. However, a simple touch here and there on my nipples in the daytime make me hungry for more aggressive nipple diddling at night!

Take care!

Hail To The Helix

I haven’t blogged much lately but I’ve decided to make this entry as the subject is an important step in my journey even if I’ve written about this topic before.

I’ve started my Aneros experience (and prostate play) on Jan 18, 2016; 6 years minus a few weeks. My first tool was the Classic Helix Syn and it was my only unit for almost the entire first year. I acquired my Progasm Ice as my second massager and although it was a great addition, my HS had not lost its place as my preferred one. Since then, over the years, I’ve added several more to my collection but again, my original HS retained its special place in preference.

Approximately a year and a half ago, I broke the front tab of my CHS and the only thing holding it in place is the silicone envelope over the arm. The unit itself is still good but there is no longer a front pivot to activate motion of the massager. It all has to be done by pure PF muscles which worked fine for me as I have full control of them.

Last year, I had a chance to acquire the Trident version of my Helix Syn thinking it would replace the broken one. It turned out to be different but just as good as the original one but for sentimental reasons, I never threw away the broken one.

The delights of nipple diddling Xmas night in bed!

Hi guys,

After a full day of activities on Christmas Day, I retired early Christmas night for some hours of much needed slumber. However last night, I awoke up with my body hungering for nipple diddling activities!

In many of previous blog posts, the delights of nipple diddling happened soon after my Super-O and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. A month before in mid August 2016, I devised a regimen of Kegel Exercises which actually made the Kegels a very pleasurable activity. Right now I post this regimen for your perusal:


I had being doing the Kegels since September 2011 when I first heard about the Aneros, Super-O’s, and MMO’s from a guy elsewhere in sex chat. The Kegels are good for strengthen the pelvic floor in both women and men. They are recommended when you work with the Aneros.

My Kegel regimen which I devised in August 2016 not only made this sort of exercise feel real good, but it launched me to the achievement of my Super-O and MMO’s breakthroughs a month later.

Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions.

In my quest for a better way to strengthen my pelvic floor ie. kegel exercises, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article about the Levator Prostatae Muscle. In males it’s the most medial fibers of the levator ani (pubococcygeus) muscle. It extends from the pubis into the fascia of the prostate. Yes!

With a little practice and attention to the sensation, have learned how to isolate this muscle and contract it while relaxing all other muscles in my pelvic aria.

Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions, LPMC as I’m calling it, is when this muscle is repetitively contracted or “pulled”, my pelvis rotates ever so slightly and I can feel my prostate being lifted just a bit. Along with proper breathing, the feeling I get is like a pair of small, silk gloved hands caressing the sides of my prostate. Oh, Yes! And with this imagery in mind, the white gloves, after a while, I “come” to an incredibly sweet and trembling orgasm. Possibly the best ever. And then comes the wave of dopamine that completely washes over my body. Oh, yees! And now I need a nap.

The beauty of this is that it’s hands free, no ejaculation, no clean up, no cover up and no refractory period. All the fun, no baggage. My only draw back, at this point, is like any other muscle, it gets exhausted after a while and I need a little rest. However, I’ve been able to orgasm seven times in a three day period, so…

My First Prostate Orgasm

I want to take everyone back. Think back to the first time you discovered your prostate could give you intense pleasure or a mind blowing orgasm. Think back to the first time it was touched, was it your finger, a toy or a partner? Do you remember the unfamiliar feeling of feeling of having something internal touched? Im going to go back to the first time I experienced prostate play. Honestly for me its kind a benchmark I used as I began my journey.
My first time was with a former girlfriend, she was adventurous to say the least. She found an article written in cosmo or somewhere like that talking about how to give your man a prostate orgasm. She asked my about trying it out. My first response was no, you’r not doing anything with my butt. She gave me a little bribe and I said ok, let’s try this. We planned it out to a degree, mainly to make sure I was fully prepped down there. She bought one of those bulb cleansers they sell at the sex stores and some thick lube. I prepped according to her instructions, I noticed the prep didn’t feel bad, and wasn’t as weird as I figured it would be.
She did an amazing job of making sure I was fully aroused, relaxed and ready when the time came. We started off, making out, she put her breasts in my face and slipped me inside of her just enough to be a tease. I told her I was ready, and I was, at-least as ready as I could be.
The rest of this is going to be in fairly great detail.

Mr. Nuts, my introduction…

I am a 67 year old male with an INTJ personality type. Married for 45 years to my high school sweetheart. I have a “virgin” prostate, except for two prostate exams, it has never been touched. (I’ll come back to that latter.) I consider myself as being very conservative and have been told that am too straight lasted. But yet I found my way here.

It started when I was about nine years old. During school months, my parents had us kids go to bed at 8:00 PM, which we through was way to early. After flopping around in bed for a while, unable to fall asleep, I would start playing around with my thing. This would make me feel like I needed to go pee. I used that as an excuse to get up, go to the bathroom and get a drunk of water before going back to bed for the last time.

One night, while messing around, trying to stir up some pee, something different started to happen. My thing started getting really hard and a sensation was going on that I never felt before. My heart started to beat really hard and fast and my breathing was too! This time it didn’t feel like pee, it was something new and it was fun! And soon enough, I ejaculated for the first time!

This post is being edited, please come back later.

Blogging with my Aneros toys

Honestly I’ve always wanted a blog. But never found myself a writer or had anything worth blogging about. I figure that my Aneros toys are worth sharing about. They are my little secret. As a straight man who has spent the last decade putting stuff in his but for pleasure I find the blog concept kinda exhilarating and actually kinda hot. I have been chasing prostate orgasms for years. Honestly Information the subject is lacking, especially from men. I see videos from women about how to have a prostate orgasm or how to give your man one. It’s not like they have a prostate to play with. How would they know? Men are almost quite about it and I see why. As a straight guy things in your rear are taboo. To me, it’s pleasure and feels amazing. And that’s not wrong. I wish us guys could have more info and resources on prostate play. I’ve even consulted porn on the subject and find most of it exaggerated and fake.
I’m going to write about my prostate play, and for those who want to read it and follow along great.

I’m currently laying on my back, with my helix in. Doing some contractions and enjoying it. Im soft, but I’m dripping.
Trying to hold off the shaking to finish typing.