“Oh, Jock!”

I have recently ‘rediscovered’ my regular jockstrap collection which consists mostly of swimmer’s jocks. I used to wear them all the time while swimming daily. It wasn’t so much to control my erections, but rather to remain ‘modest’ if I were to get one while in the pool. About a year ago, I decided to forgo the jocks and just wear my jammers. But some of these jammers will not hide nor hold an erection all too well. I am tempted then to start wearing a jock under my jammers again!

I am currently at Day 3 of SR and Day 88 of NoFap ® PMO. I will discount the recent ‘edging’ session/fantasy I experienced as a relapse since I believe that I had exited my ‘flatline’ and that activity was just a manifestation of my body’s returning back to a more normal libido. That feeling persists today; let me explain…..


While I still enjoy wearing my jockstraps with cups, I find that wearing my regular jockstraps give me the opportunity to ‘test’ my erection through visual cues of my package and through light, delicate touches on the pouch to see what effect they can elicit. While doing this, I can’t help but fall-into a fantasy that it is actually a lover’s hand doing the exploring! Those light touches, even from my hand, can trigger an erection. This is an opposite, albeit more normal, sexual response than relying on porn or (in my case) binaural beats* for that erection. It is almost as if my cock is on a ‘hair-trigger’ for an erection now and that is the way it should work! After all, when a guy is in a situation where he ‘needs to perform’ with an erection, he does not want to think about whether he will get one or not, it should just be automatic! Any thoughts of ED should be put far-away out of his mind.

“Did I Relapse Or Am I Coming Out Of A Flatline?”

A couple of interesting nights! Two nights ago in particular, I went to bed wearing my Mueller cup. When I awoke, I got the urge to remove the cup and put-on my Duke swim jock (Why I did this I had no clue at the time). I did and went back to sleep. I was at Day 8 of semen retention and although I was not experiencing any ‘blue-balls’ feeling (yet), I felt that, sooner or later, it was time for me to ejaculate. But how I did it is another story! Let me explain…..

Edging Session
Normally, I would just try to ejaculate as quickly as possible without much fanfare. That would normally be a therapeutic, no-pleasure cum. But this ‘bate’ session proved to be much more than that. I set myself up with one of my best erotic tracks, about 1-1/2 hours long and went to lie-down on my sofa. At the time, I was completely flaccid. However, with just a little bit of prodding through the jock pouch, I developed an erection. I knew in the back of my mind that I would want to ejaculate from this, but I wasn’t expecting to fall into a fantasy — I am lying in bed with my lover and “she” kept telling me that I could not penetrate her until I was very wet and oozing precum. At some point, I removed the jockstrap and the edging just continued. How long? Hard to say but I would estimate about 20 minutes. By that time, when I felt a large amount of precum, I knew I was “ready” to ejaculate. When I did, it felt much more powerful than usual. And for the rest of the day, I felt so relieved, so “normal”. I thought to myself: did I just relapse in NoFap ® ? At first, I thought so. But then I realized that instead, I may be starting to exit from a flatline and that which I experienced was a completely normal experience. After last night, I am more convinced than ever. Let me explain further…..

Feel the exquisite pleasure (The intimate nipple diddling Kegeling experience) Plus athletic cups

[This blog is directed to @goldenboy and other interested guys]

Hi guys,

It is an early Sunday morning here in DC. The weather is warm and muggy outdoors a couple hours before dawn. My AC is running on low. I am seated at my PC typing this blog entry. I am buck naked wearing my favorite BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no.85 men’s medium.

An hour ago I woke up from a curious dream feeling refreshed. I went to bed just after 9:30 p.m. Saturday night, my usual hour after a day of intellectual activities. I needed my rest. I wore nothing but a pair of Jockey pouch briefs.

After I woke up earlier this morning in the 3 o’clock hour and processed my curious dream, I touched myself sexually. Sexual touch for me, a 70 yo man is several light flicks across my nipples. This sexual touch is at the heart of my nipple diddling activities. Nipple diddling is an outgrowth of my Super-O and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. Like I said now when I touch my nipples sexually, I am off to the races in sexual awareness and activities.

A Few Days with Aless…Helix Syn Trident…and THC

So my Aless has been on fire the last couple of days. Mostly due to the THC I am taking for my shoulder and plantar. I’ve come to a point on my journey where if I take THC…its a guaranteed couple of hours of Super-Os.

I sat on my couch basking in the feeling and my anus basically engulfing my prostate. My wife sleeping to the right of me…one of my best friends to the left of me. I retired to the bedroom. The minute I did that my aless took over. I had a massive super-O and at that point I had to introduce the helix syn trident. The next 30 mins is a blur but I remember screaming into the pillow. The intensity was soooo much I think I passed out. I just remember waking up 3 hours later with basically a dry aneros in my ass and fairly sober. I popped it out and went back to the living room where my wife and friend were now watching TV. Once they retired to go sleep I stayed on the couch and did a few Aless contractions. Things went back to the intense level and the energy was swirling so much I went to my computer desk squeezed some silicon lube into my left hand and proceeded to release all of that tension.

Can I “Jump-Start” My Exit From Flatline?

Currently, I am at day 6 of SR and 84 days of NoFap ® PMO. I am thinking I should be ‘exiting’ a flatline soon. Is there a way that I can try to hasten the exit? This is what I explored this morning. Let me explain…..

I had a great therapeutic session with the HIH 950. Lasting about 25 minutes, I had put-on my rarely-used Bike hard cup. It just felt right so I proceeded. This was a good, therapeutic session. I followed instructions to the max: relax for about 10 minutes then finish-up with about 30 or 40 anal contractions. When this session was over, I felt energized and empowered to take-on the day.

Exit Flatline?
I continued to wear my Bike cup for a while this morning, but then I got an urge to switch to my “Duke” swimmer’s jockstrap. What effect would this have? I was curious. Fortunately, I did not experience an immediate erection like I thought I would. Rather, the regular jockstrap felt good. I am able to ‘feel’ my package through the mesh. Do I feel any different? Well, yes and no. Physically, I don’t feel any different. But mentally, I am quite prepared for an impending erection and the feelings that accompany it. (This could be analogous to foreplay before sex).

“The Dual-Existence of the Athletic Cup: Are You Ready?”

[This blog was inspired by @BigGlansDC]

Am I coming out of a NoFap ® flatline? After this latest NPT erection, the answer could be ‘yes’! Let me explain…..

Waking up around 1:30 AM with an erection, I visited the lavatory. Upon returning to bed, I decided to put-on my SD 218 jock/cup and settle back-in for some sleep. Well, probably a couple of hours later, I was awakened, not for the lavatory, but with another moderate erection within the cup. But this erection felt different. You see, with each little ‘twitch’ of the buliding erection, or if I re-positioned my posture ever-so-slighly in bed, I felt very close to the PONR! This is what @BigGlansDC refers to as a ‘dalliance’*—an aptly-named word, for it felt for a while that I was having an affair…with my cock! How long did I stay at the PONR you may ask? I’m not entirely sure but I would bet at least a half-hour. Anytime then I felt like I could (or would) ejaculate….but didn’t. One thing I remember doing quite clearly is…..softly moaning! I mean, how could I not moan from the exquisite pleasure of remaining near the PONR?

A powerful 20 minute session which has produced powerful Aless!

Hi guys,

This morning in the 7 o’clock hour I had a brief 20 minute session with Maximus Classic and Progasm ICE. Maximus Classic massaged my bunghole and prostate in its wonted, powerful fashion. I think it lasted at most 15 minutes. Then I went to my bathroom to cleanse Maximus. Then I inserted Progasm ICE correctly while standing. Progasm ICE auto fucked me for about ten minutes at most. Since then, I have enjoyed a throbbing, pulsating, yet sweet Aless in which it seems Aneros is inserted and auto fucking away!

Take care!