Fuck Water Lubricant Review

Every one of us that plays with our prostate needs lube. Lube can be a slippery subject literally and figuratively. What matters for lube is that is slippery, stays where it’s meant to be and is safe. This is where Fuck Water comes in. It’s a water based hybrid, meaning it contains a small concentration of silicone. Meaning it’s safe of silicone toys. The disclaimer by the manufacturer says it’s safe just be sure to test it on a small area to be sure. My wife and I have used this on silicone toys and not had any issues.
I really have to give my wife credit as she bought this stuff. But we both like it and were impressed by it.
Here is what we like. It’s not a full blown gel lube but it definitely has more consistency than a lot of lubes so it stays put on where you need it. This stuff is seriously slippery, and it only takes a little. Especially when using the aneros toys. It doesn’t dry out or get sticky. It comes in a variety of sizes as well.
We have used this lube for quite a bit of bedroom activity. Vaginal sex, no irritation or discomfort for either one of us. We did anal the other night, and the same thing. I will say it made anal more comfortable for her and took only a small amount. We have used It on toys solo and together. But here what impresses me about it. We used it for pegging, meaning I was receiving a fake dick in the ass. It’s so slippery it made it a breeze for insertion and thrusting. Almost no friction build up left me comfortable while doing so. This stuff is to good not to try.

A Full Dozen Of Ruined Orgasms

Indulging in excessive edging I lately set a personal record. Playing the tease and denial game until the point of no return and slightly over the edge, I tried to hold back my ejaculation after already having felt its beginning. But this time I’ve only been putting kind of weak effort into it. Like trying to stop peeing I focused on the same musculature but instead of trying hard I only let it be a halfhearted attempt. Nevertheless it worked except some single droplets of semen appearing at the tip. Then I counted down from 20 and worked up my horniness to the edge again. Allowing these little droplets and stopping any teasing for 15 to 20 seconds each time before going on with edging let me scratch the edge eleven times – always allowing one to three small and bigger drops of semen appear before a first pulsating stream of semen welled up along with some hormones set free like with a usual ejaculation. This session made me extremely horny and its controlled ecstasy has given me a new sort of bliss – a very special experience I liked to share. Enjoy!

Been a while

SO’s are not what they once were. They’ve lost their intensity over the past few sessions.

I am finding with all the Aneri I have that less movement is more. I think I’ve been trying to hard and
working the device far more than it needs. All I really need is a kiss of movement, repeatedly, to get
where I need to go. Don’t think this is what’s killed the intensity though.

Hopefully they’ll return and better still!


When you’re so tired you awaken a monster!

The wife and I had a day to ourselves. We went to the Zoo…then had a bite to eat an nice spot and then did a little light shopping at the outlet mall. On our way back home I decided to fill up on gas. I was soooo beat from the son. I was standing there watching the gas pump run when a short whisper from my butt occurred. It had been a week since my last session. The wife would be home this entire weekend so chances of doing anything were slim.

We picked up something to eat close to home and then had dinner at the house. I was dead ass tired.I popped a THC pill to help me relax a bit and I started to doze off.

40 mins later I opened my eyes to intense waves pulsing through my body. My wife was still up watching TV on the couch across from me. My toes were tingling. The pleasure was mounting. It became so intense I was gripping the couch fabric under me trying not to move or make a sound. This went on for about an hour. Then the wife kissed me and went to bed.

I dashed over to my computer desk door and got the helix syn trident out. Lubed it up and in it went. Went to wash the excess lube off my hands and I literally thought I was going to shoot all over the kitchen. I scrambled back to the couch and laid down. The helix syn gently rubbed my prostate. The pleasure was magnificent. This went on for about 2 hours…with small breaks in between.

Mental imagery : Aneros session for July 23

Hi guys,

Earlier today in the 7 o’clock hour I had a thirty minute session with two of my most favorite Aneros models: Maximus Classic and Helix Syn Classic. It was my first session in ten days and marks my full recovery a nasty food illness Saturday a week ago.

Aneros user, divine_oblivion has a provocative thread on Aneros Forum entitled Mental Imagery. It is essentially what images or thoughts that causes you to have great Aneros sessions. In recent years, certainly after my Aneros breakthroughs with Super-O’s and MMO’s mid September 2016, my perineum that area between the base of my ball sack and my anus is a major sweet spot besides my Glans and my frenulear delta underneath my Glans. Like many baby boomer neonatals, I am circumcised and my frenulum was excised.

My perineum has been stimulated time and time through numerous Aneros sessions since my very first one which occurred on June 3, 2012. The P-tab on my Aneros devices rubbed back and forth across my perineum. Plus being a major jockstrap and athletic cup aficionado, the leg straps of my jockstraps and cup jock holders cover my perineum. Also my BIKE banana cups also stimulate this area.


I have recently come to learn about my prostate as I have an enlarged one and don’t like taking meds. I tried another brand and returned it after several 2-3 hour sessions. I received the Syn Trident yesterday 7-21. I had a 5 hour session off an on. After 2 1/2 hours nothing much happened and I fell asleep. I woke up at 3:30 with the Trident still in place and began another session which lasted till 5:30. I had a few tingles but nothing fantastic as I read from the blogs. I understand this takes patience and time. Looking for whatever suggestions anyone might have.


Recently, I became aware of something I can do for my prostate without taking prescription drugs; and as a bonus have orgasms. I tried two products by other companies that vibrated. They only made me sore from 2 to 3 hour sessions during a ten day period. Then I thought I would a Helix Syn Trident. I had my first session last night from 10 till 1230; not much happen and I fell asleep; woke at 3 with the trident still in position. Started another session till 5:30. I did get a few tingles, but nothing fantastic like I have been reading about. I know this takes time and patience. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions from your own experience?

Recovery from a food illness and surviving the heatwave here

Hi guys,

Saturday morning I ate some tainted ground beef that made me violently sick overnight Saturday and all day Sunday. I suspected that I suffered a case of food poisoning. My body reacted with bouts of vomiting and diarrhea throughout the night. I was glad when dawn arrived. But I suffered runs of diarrhea throughout Sunday. Sunday evening near sunset I went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven to get medicine to put a prompt end to the diarrhea and fast next day Monday. While I felt better afterward, I had to deal with episodes of hiccups however. I discovered a few days ago that meditation is useful for alleviating the hiccups.

The DC area has had a brutal heatwave the last three days. Tomorrow night Monday it will end for sure with the arrival of a cold front accompanied by thunderstorms.

Last night I wore m BIKE CUP Support Unit to bed and slept like a baby. Last weekend’s illness caused me to not wear my jocks and cups and caused me to suspend my Aneros sessions. But wearing a jock and cup to bed marks an important step in my recovery.

It is now 97 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors at 3 p.m. We are supposed to reach 98 degrees.

So now I have donned my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit and am wearing it underneath a pair of camouflage cargo shorts along with a UA T-shirt. I enjoy Kegeling in my jock and cup along with diddling my nipples. This uncanny combination is so sweet and consoling.

Can you forget your Penis? I struggle.

Honestly I can say I have been a serious user of the Aneros products for several years and still struggle to forget about my Penis during my sessions, and to not have expectations of orgasmic bliss. Early in my experiences I struggled complete a session without grabbing my penis and giving it some good old jacking fun. I struggled with expecting some amazing crazy full bodied orgasm only to end up blowing my load all over my naked body.

Focus on what my prostate is feeling. It took a while. And many different methods of experimenting until I got it. Focus on the prostate sensations in the mid section and the feeling of the prostate being touched. Focus on that, not the penis, not the erection that you may or may not have. The only sensation you should be looking for in your penis is, does it feel like it’s leaking. And if so your on the right track.