P-Waves, Orgasms and Expectations?

Just chiming in here regarding my Aneros experience after many, many years. For quite some time now, I have gotten to a point with my Aneros use where my sessions are quite enjoyable, I do look forward to them. I think I was always chasing after some sort of explosive “Big O” experience and am now just trying to enjoy my sessions *for what they are* *and* *not for they are not*. Leaving my expectations at the door.
After initial insertion, I do often get some really nice erotic feelings and what seems to be a swelling-like pressure on my prostate. This often is accompanied by a hard on and “sweet feelings”. This may last for a few minutes before dying down. If I relax, and concentrate on my fantasies I can get the feelings of pressure back and the aneros will get sucked deeper into me and I get heavy heartbeat with what then feels like sexy energy, excitement and pressure “percolating” up inside of me like electricity. This can increase in intensity along with rapid breathing and some Aneros wiggling and in-out movement- kind of like an erotic massage deep inside me. This is also acompanied by feelings of submission, out-of-control and helplessness- all of which are also pretty sexy in their own way. I may often vocalize all this with little yelps and moaning. This energy will continue rising for up to a minute, reach a sort of “crescendo” of muscle tension and then sadly peters-out/short-circuits as my anus muscles seem not able to sustain holding the aneros. If I relax again and delve into fantasy it will start to percolate back up.
This cycle will rise and fall like this about 4-5 times over an hour. It is enjoyable and “hot”, but after all is said and done leaves me feeling HORNY AS ALL HELL, unsatisfied, and without release. Pretty much just a severe case of Blue Balls. I know we’re not supposed to, but I then seriously need to shower off, spank it the old-fashioned way, and clean up.
I would rate the pleasure I feel during these sessions as, on a scale of 0-10 (with a traditional penile orgasm being a 10), around 5-6, but on a longer, more subtle, extended plateau. Like when sex is getting good and exciting, but before the final minute of no-return. It is enjoyable and interesting, but always feels like there is something more that is left to discover and/or enhance. Perhaps I am wrong here and setting myself of for unrealistic expectations coupled with disapointment.
Just curious what I seem to be experiencing at this point? Are these P-Waves? Mini-O’s? Or the fabled Prostate Orgasms themselves? So many definitions and terminolgy is thrown around in the forums that I don’t sometimes know what I have experienced (or not).
I know everyone’s experience is different and what is intensely pleasurable for one person might just be so-so for someone else. Having read some others testimonials here though, it seems there is still much more that the Aneros can do. Some describe the feeling of an intense, sustained, erect orgasm with strong penile contractions, but hands-free and completely dry. This certainly sounds pretty great and I would love to experience it! Maybe one day…
Just my thoughts at this point along the journey.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/vif5dt/pwaves_orgasms_and_expectations/


  1. Have you ever tried just being in that horny as heck state till your next session?

  2. > This energy will continue rising for up to a minute, reach a sort of “crescendo” of muscle tension and then sadly peters-out/short-circuits as my anus muscles seem not able to sustain holding the aneros.

    That’s exactly where I was a year ago. The muscle tension would spread out into my abs, back, legs, and finally become too uncomfortable to continue. The directions I found online seemed paradoxical – I’m supposed to do specific contractions, but also be relaxed and “do nothing?” And how can people say they are relaxed/doing nothing when clearly they tense up like crazy in videos of super-O’s?

    What worked for me was to do the specific muscle contractions, and then back off slightly until the pelvic floor muscles start twitching. It’s not completely involuntary, you can stop it easily… it’s more like the muscles don’t know which way to go. At first the twitches were short and weak and fast. As I kept practicing them, I got better at them. Then I started mixing in fantasies that played up the involuntary-ness. Things like getting pegged or fingered, or getting magically stimulated, or that the aneros was moving itself, or that my dick was possessed and was doing something crazy all on its own. If I could convince my brain that the twitching wasn’t under my control, somehow that allowed them to keep going even after they got tired. It’s like they would find superhuman endurance and keep going past the point of fatigue. Then the fatigue itself turns into a type of pleasure.

    At that point, I thought maybe I had done it, but I still wasn’t getting the fully-body “seizures” that others seem to get, so I figured maybe there was still farther to go. I tried edging and abstinence, and that made things stronger, but not dramatically. Then I tried 10 mg THC and… holy shit that helped. The aneros was leaping around in my ass of its own accord. I could keep the twitches going indefinitely, effortlessly. Fantasies about loss of control were totally believable. I got some leg-shakes, but they weren’t the main attraction – the swirling waves of pleasure in between were. It was way better than what I had felt before. Maybe 50% as good as an orgasm, but lasting for many minutes, on and off for at least an hour. The pleasure would grow and grow, then get stuck, then I could relax into it and push through into more waves of pleasure. It was kind of like the endless staircase chord, where it feels like it’s always going higher, even though it can’t possibly be. Still probably not a super-o, but pretty amazing. I had no idea that kind of pleasure was possible. I had seen videos of girls with vibrators and wondered whether it actually felt that good or they were just being very expressive… after experiencing this, I think they’re probably being perfectly genuine. I’m so jealous they can feel that way just by holding a vibrator on themselves… I had to work my ass off for years to get something a fraction that good!

    Anyways, next time I tried it without any weed, and it wasn’t as good, BUT it was better than the sessions before that. I had learned some things. I think of weed like training wheels. It’s “cheating” but it’s helpful to get a sense of what it’s supposed to feel like.

    Over next few months, using weed every once in a while, and continuing to practice, I can now feel as good as that first weed experience, without any weed. But with-weed has gotten better too. The leg-shakes are more frequent. I think there’s still room to grow.

    Lately, some other things that help:

    * Eupho Trident works best for me. The extra length gets it where it needs to be and the skinnier radius is more comfortable for my anus. The smooth, hard, white plastic is good too.

    * After the twitching pelvic muscles are *thoroughly* exhausted and the autopilot-twitching slows down, rather than trying to consciously start them again, I find it better to relax my pelvic muscles in a specific way. I think it is the same type of relaxation as taking a piss, but you sink deeper into it. If I can do it, it creates extremely good waves of pleasure… maybe 75% as good as an orgasm now. It takes some willpower, though. The sheer pleasure of it can sometimes scare me into stopping, but I just have to be brave and sink into it as long as I can. Sometimes the twitches will start going again during this but not always.

    * Sometimes the twitches synchronize with the beat of whatever music I’m listening to, and that helps them keep going longer. This probably would have been too distracting in the early days, but now it works.

    * Watching porn helps with arousal and reduces frustration and boredom. Sometimes being distracted from the twitches by porn helps them happen. But when the pleasure gets really intense, it’s a bigger distraction having the laptop on my chest. So I tend to switch between porn and no-porn throughout a session.

    * Sometimes I put a very-folded-up square of kleenex between the p-tab and my prostate. It cushions the poking action and provides a little extra leverage.

    * Laying on my back, head propped slightly forward by a pillow, legs in a diamond shape with bottoms of my feet touching each other, and another pillow supporting my left knee seems to be the best position for me. Probably will be different for you. Point is to try different things until you find something that is comfortable for long periods of time and gets the right muscle arrangement.

    * I still like to finish off with regular old penile stimulation. Edging into a regular orgasm feels insanely good at the end of a session.

    * Towards the end of a session, I can also do an interesting trick of grabbing the base of the aneros and making it really hit my prostate, while a knuckle on that same hand is also bumping into my prostate from the outside, so my prostate is getting alternately slammed on the front and back, hard and fast, while also providing just a little tiny bit of penile stimulation, and the result is a “ruined” orgasm that isn’t actually ruined. My prostate flexes and cum trickles out but it’s not really an orgasm. Then when I eventually DO get an orgasm, it’s stronger than a normal one. I feel like it’s probably not healthy to do this too often since it’s a lot of pressure on the prostate but it’s a fun experience once in a while.

    Right now, I’m trying to figure out what the deal is with leg shakes (and hip shakes). They’re very distracting and the pleasure Temporarily stops whenever they start. I’m guessing I’m supposed to just let go and ride them out, but that’s easier said than done.

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