First HFWO today

To start…I’m 26 and have been at this for years. I’ve had many different toys and have tried almost everything that I’ve read on here and various other sites in an effort to experience the big “super o”.

I feel like I’ve been pretty close a few times but never close enough to tip over the edge.

Today I went about things a bit differently and I feel like it made all the difference.

Instead of lubing up and inserting my toy right away, I started with deep breathing, almost like meditating. Sensations began to grow. I felt a tightening feeling in my pelvic area and I got hard.

After about 30 minutes or so I was like super horny and was ready for more. So I lubed up, and slipped in my aneros. I continued my deep breathing and tried some nipple play while thinking of things that turn me on.

I resisted to urge to clench which was pretty hard but things began to feel better and better. At a certain point I felt something wet and when I opened my eyes, I saw my cock leaking a good amount of what was either precum or prostate fluid. It felt amazing. This is when I began light clenching.

After sometime, I felt like I was right on the edge. I decided to get onto my hands and knees and see what happens. I did just that and began slowly thrusting into the air. Within a few seconds my cock got rock hard and I felt it coming.

The orgasm started and it felt amazing. Instead of pulsating shots of cum, it was more like a slow stream of cum.

This was the first time I’ve ever achieved this type of orgasm completely hands free. What’s interesting is that even after I was finished coming, I was still rock hard and felt the urge to jerk off, which I resisted. I’ve been horny all day still. Hopefully the big o isn’t too far away. Maybe I’m finally onto something.

If you’re struggling, keep trying, you’ll get there!


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  1. Congratulations on achieving your new milestone! You are the proof that determination pays off. Many rookies give up too soon and end up missing on great pleasures.

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