Do Nothing. How much nothing is the right amount?

So I’ve been trying the Do Nothing method a lot lately and I’ve had some great results, but I know there’s more, and I also know that I’m constantly over analyzing what’s happening while it’s happening because I’m not sure what contractions I should let happen versus which ones I should be fighting.

For me once the pleasure starts to build at all a number of different things start going on. My PC muscles will try to clench as well as my anus, my left leg/butt tenses up, and my hips start to thrust more and more forward. These are all somewhat involuntary in that they just happen automatically, but I can try to fight them off and relax. But I don’t know if I should.

A lot of the advice is to surrender to the experience, which to me means that I should let these things happen. But a lot of advice also advocates being totally relaxed, which to me means that I should try to keep my body from tensing at all. I’m ver confused.

Is there some tensing up that’s ok? Or should I fight to keep every muscle relaxed? What’s the right way to do this?

Experienced a Dry O but can’t repeat

About a month ago I experienced a true Dry O. It felt just like a penile orgasm but was totally dry. I even posted about it here.

I really enjoyed it because the “regular” orgasms I get with my Aneros never feel like I’m going over the edge and alsways leave me desperate to cum.

I usually get those regular orgasms by clenching more and more as the pleasure builds. But I got the Dry O from more of a Do Nothing method. (I tried to do nothing but some contractions couldn’t be helped).

Ever since then I’ve been trying to have another dry o but it’s just not working out. I’ve been employing the do nothing method and I’m getting good feelings but they aren’t getting me there.

Any advice would be great

My incredible journey

I’m finally here after years of surfing these forums but never interacting, to tell my tale. I, like many of you stumbled upon these little plastic pieces of voodoo while browsing some adult content. I was immediately intrigued when I saw men seizing up with pleasure. I knew I had to do it. I sat on the idea for a year or two until I moved out from my folks house. Then I made my move. They were available at the local adult store. I picked myself up a helix syn. Seemed to be the go to choice for beginners. I remember those early sessions. Sitting with the thing inside me wondering when I was supposed to be launched into this magical euphoria. Nothing ever came. I sat on the toy (no pun intended) for a couple of months and put it away in a drawer.

This is where it gets good. I’ll never forget the first sensations. Suddenly feeling something deep inside my coming alive at the toys will. My roomies had left for the day and I was alone to explore myself. I got close to what I thought were P waves and from there I was hooked. Those first sensations were almost 4 years ago now. And I’m proud to say to you all, that I’ve become a fully re-wired man. The forums don’t lie to you. When you notice patterns in the advice you’re receiving online, follow it. I remember my first super orgasm. I had graduated to the program from my helix syn. I found that it slid into me easier and started working faster and stronger than the other one. The super orgasm I acquired was thanks in part to the amount of videos I’d seen of men bringing themselves to that point. But it blew me away, and only furthered my addiction to my own pleasure. Not long after the super o’s, did I start to experience the Aless.

Getting close I think, I came some but did not have any orgasm….

SO ive been paying with the Progasm for a few months now and have had some frustrating times and some really pleasurable times but have not really had any results. This seems normal from what ive gathered, but yesterday I found a position that works for me where I was just bent over the bathroom counter and was using the progasm with my hand and applying a lot of pressure slightly forward and back on my P spot. I looked down as I heard a dribble on the floor and noticed I squirted a bit and it felt really good but it wasn’t an orgasm. Is it normal to maybe cum a bit but not feel a full orgasm?

Next choice.

I’m very much enjoying my helix syn
What would be recommended to still a beginner as the next one to try?
I like the silicone feel of the one I have.

I’ve enjoyed some hands free wet orgasms so far but I wouldn’t say a super one. Still mastering the feelings .

What would be a good next choice in a different one?


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Fairly new to exploring with prostate stimulation. I bought a trident about a year ago, I enjoy it, but never have had any real pleasure from it. 6 months ago, I bought the giddi Thor (good girth, rotating, and vibrating) and I finally started to see progress, slowly but surely. Not every time I’d get anything out of it (or I’d get too impatient and finish the job myself) but I would get a p wave here and there. Finally last night, I got 3 good p waves, and I think I finally had a full on pgasm. It was by far the most intense, fully body clenching and shaking feeling I’ve ever had. I know I still have a long ways to go, but I love what I’ve discovered. Any tips or advice would be great. I would love to be able to do the same with the trident, but it seems like I have to have the help from the toy.

Medical suggest prostatic massage?


i read a lot about prostatic massage, but i can’t find info if medical suggest it or not and.

Keeping separate the pleasure aspect, the prostatic massage made from an Aneros device, can be healty for prostate?

I don’t search pleasure from aneros, but only healthy effect on my prostate, but i read that it can give very powerfull pleasure, but i don’t know if this is only marketing or real.

Your opinion? It’s true that can give some benefit on ED?

Replacement for lelo bruno

The guy I play with had a Lelo Bruno and it recently stopped charging. He really liked it but would frequently say he wished it was more stimulating to the prostate. He’d say it felt like it almost hit where it needed. I was looking to gift him a replacement and saw the aneros vice 2. What are people’s experiences with it and do you think it’s a good buy?

First time precum from using Aneros?

Has anyone noticed being able to get precum from Aneros for the first time, without having had it before? I’m wondering if guys that only been able to get precum before using Aneros are able to have it during.

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