I’m soo sorry guys but I have to post again

I just got an orgasm without the aneros and it happened during the day in my chair!

I was feeling horny the whole day, so I thought of training my pc muscles. I’m surprised but I felt a lot of pleasure just doing this, so I kept going and going and going.

I was breathing hard and my body was twitching but I had to keep it discreet. I was also moaning, but I had to keep it extremely low, this was my biggest struggle. The same p waves came over me many times until it just became way too intense, the moaning just got louder and louder, I seriously had to keep it down real bad, I think that my brother might have heard, and maybe even my dad 😓 this went on for maybe 30 minutes of constant pleasure.

I was light headed and my body was exhausted, I was surprised coz when I looked down I didn’t realise my pants were completely wet like a puddle, I was like wtf? I needed to change my pants straight away.

Still can’t believe that even happened, this aneros journey just keeps getting better and better. My brain feeling kinda numb too

Ok I think I did something

Used the aneros again.

This time an hour in and I was twitching and shaking with waves of pleasure, these were just happening on its own.

Then maybe 30 minutes later nothing was happening too much, only felt pleasures or tension building up inside. Then it happened. It’s not just some intense p wave, and it wasn’t like a BOOM either 😂 I went to the floor and kneeled against my bed, I prepared a makeshift gag to hopefully quiet down the moaning.

I just let the motions happen from here. I was breathing hard, body twitching all over the place, omg the pleasure just hits soo gawd damn nicely. This went for like a whole 5 minutes, then a 1 minute pause then it happened again and again and again. I loved every bit of it, and the gag wasn’t helping too much, I had to press a pillow against my face.

I didnt want to make this sound like some porn read but I felt the wetness drip down my leg dude. And by this point it was hard to breath in the gag so I decided to fukin take it off, and i just moaned soo loud and didn’t give a shit anymore, I just lost it. One bit went on for a whole 10 or somethin with me just moaning so goddamn hard, seriously couldn’t help it. My ass contracted soo hard it popped out, and even after it popped out I was still still twitching and moaning for a few seconds after 😂

Some crazy as p wave or somethin

I used the aneros again last night. And it was the most intense session Ive had. I didn’t get any orgasms from it but I got a lot of intense pleasure which is good.

I was like 2 hours in I felt myself twitching and shaking like crazy, breathing hard af, my muscles where squeezing hard and then relaxing then squeezing again, this happens fast it all happening on its own. My body was super tired. And waves of pleasure going across my whole body, I was seriously dripping wet. It was like 5 mins of constant hard twitching and faded over 10 mins or more. I tried to relax but my body just wanted to twitch. This felt soo good.

But what interest me the most was that I just couldn’t stop moaning, I just couldn’t help but moan so goddam loudly, I was embarrassed hoping nobody heard me. I’m usually a quiet guy, but this helix trident is a dangerous weapon which caused me to go absolutely wild. I’m almost a little afraid but excited to use it again.

I think I got to this point by abstaining for 1 or 2 days, the night before I used the aneros but decided to not masturbate traditionally, this helped. But last night I was too horny after the aneros and I broke the 2 day streak. I think if I kept abstaining even after using the aneros for longer, then maybe I can finally reach an orgasm

Just a p wave? Idk

I used the helix trident for a while now.

Last night I was using the aneros, maybe about an hour or two in I get subtle twitches and heavy breathing that last for a minute, I’m guessing that’s a p wave.

But then later on I start breathing really hard, my whole body is twitching really intensely, I’m squeezing into the pillow and I’m also moaning, surprisingly.

I didn’t feel an explosion of an orgasm though like the traditional way, but the whole feeling felt really full bodied, felt really good, it was like a long orgasm, kinda, but not fully.

This last for maybe 5 to 10 minutes? Or longer? I felt relaxed after and very out of energy but still horny

Was it just a p wave?

Is this a p-wave/am i on the right track?

During a session i am sometimes able to produce a trance like sensation that maybe lasts 10-20 seconds a time, that almost feels a bit like going to sleep. It’s definitely triggered from the aneros jabbing around down there and spread up to the forebrow.

In general it feels very nice so i’m guessing it is.

Only thing is i can’t really get this to build necessarily. It might work for 5-10 minutes intermittently but then fizzle out.

Never the less I’m presuming this is the kind of sensation i am looking to harness and grow to make further progress?


Some observations

Hi everyone – quick update on my journey these days.

– while aless has helped, I do find that being away from a massager has hindered my progress. I also notice that I need to ride more than a few times a week. Never really had consistent pwaves and definitely no super o or pgasm.
– whenever I feel like I may get a pwave I find that my breathing gets shallow instead of how other describes their experience as heavy breathing. I find the reason I do that is because I don’t want to lose that feeling of almost there. Does that resonate with others?
– because I haven’t really experienced pwaves or the super o. Question for the group. When you get either, is it only your cock twitching or does your whole pc muscle system contract like a real orgasm? If that’s the case, do your muscles clamp down on the massager? If so, you start with do nothing and end with total muscle clenching?
– lube method. I switched from using a lube injector because I find its a lot of clean up on the shooter as well as yourself. So I’ve read and started to use the condom method. Get the largest condom because you want the aneros to have rooms to move freely. The issue has been how to crimp the opening of the condom so lube doesn’t leak out. Now yesterday I had a surprise find. I ended up buying lamb skin condoms from Trojan just to see if there’s a difference. These condoms actually have a string that is used to secure the condom. Problem solved!

Greatest pleasure I have ever felt and improvements in my life across the board.

I am a little over a year on my aneros journey and damn this shit is intense. Honestly have never had such sexual pleasure in my life. I have had some good penile orgasms in my life, but the intensity and duration of prostate pleasure is phenomenal. You have to be in the mood, but when they hit they are as crazy as people say they are. Its changed my whole perspective and understanding of sex and pleasure.

I think I am rewired so to speak. Within seconds upon insertion, I feel pleasure as my ass sucks the aneros into place. I exhale and immediately start breathing heavily. I then get these insane erections and the throbbing begins. Shortly after I get these pwaves that feel like orgasms in themselves over my pelvis and perineum. I then start to feel my prostate to start spasming similar to when you are ejaculating.

When I get horny now, its not just my dick, my whole pelvic region starts to tingle. My ass and prostate area get filled up with energy. Honestly sometimes just the thought of it makes me so aroused. There is this newfound desire to occupy my ass. Similar to the desire of wanting to bust a nut, my body now “wants” anal/prostate pleasure.

Will this position hinder my progress?

So I’ve had the most success by far using the do nothing method while laying face down on my belly. Usually laying in this position with the toy inside me will put a slight pressure on my dick, making it get hard (I make sure to point it down between my legs). This pressure kickstarts slight pleasurable sensations on my penis, which in turn trigger pleasure waves and multiple dry o’s radiating from my prostate.

I’ll admit the sensations in my prostate are definitely mixed with some penile pleasure (let’s call it 80/20 or 70/30), but these orgasms have never resulted in ejaculation, they’ve always been dry. Since I know some people swear by the rule of not stimulating your dick in any way during the rewiring process, I’m wondering if I should maybe focus on other positions or whether I can expect to make good progress in my journey to super O’s despite the penile sensations.

Does chastity help to achieve prostate orgasms?

Sometimes I wear a chastity so I don’t masterbait. I want to focus on only using the aneros. With that being said, does it benifit the process of finding the super o or pleasure waves in general? I don’t wear it when I have an aneros session usually cause it’s distracting but I know overtime I could get used to it. Just wondering what some people’s opinions were on it.

How many of you switched toys on your path to the super-O? Aneros toys give me pleasant, subtle sensations; Lelo Hugo (no vibe, just muscles) brought me right to the edge of orgasm. Should I stick with one, switch em up, buy something new…?

Hi all!

About a year ago, my girlfriend and I wanted to explore prostate stimulation. So she bought me some forward-curved buttplugs (FunFactory), and I bought myself a Lelo Hugo during a sale. So I’ve had some experience with prostate stimulation (wasn’t seeking the super-O – I only thought of it as a way to enhance sex).

A couple months ago, I learned about Mindgasm and the super-O, and decided to dedicate time to it. I have some experience with meditation and I’ve done strength training for years, so muscle isolation and “mind / body” connection come pretty naturally to me. I started with no toy, just Mindgasm. I started having pleasure waves, which was very nice, and I began to feel very attuned with my body and my sexuality. This was honestly a very “spiritual” few weeks for me. I felt very “grounded.”

Then I bought a Helix Syn. I had some nice sessions with it, and it did help me learn my pelvic floor in a new way. But I wasn’t getting that “oomph”/”hit the spot” feeling that I remembered from my first toys. Just some nice waves – but I could feel an itch for something with more “reach” or more forward curve. So I bought the Eupho Trident (no Syn). This one was better, for sure – the longer reach absolutely hits me in a good place, which the Helix Syn does not. But it’s still frustrating – the sensations are so light and subtle, it’s hard to get that “satisfying” feeling.