Best Aneros + fleshlight combo for a new user?

I recently bought a 6″ dildo for anal stimulation, but it does not do it for me. The amount of preparation require for it not to hurt and the amount of finessing it takes to hit my prostate is just not worth it. After doing a lot of research, Aneros seems to be the most efficient way to stimulate the prostate. I have also been looking into fleshlights, but there are no clear resources for picking out a good one. I have seen recommendations for the Tenga 3D, but I’m not sure what makes it better than others. If anyone has recommendations for fleshlights, or has a better resource to find what’s right for me, let me know. I am also wondering what Aneros model is best for me. I am not very experienced with Prostate stimulation. It will mostly but used solo to enhance my orgasms when masturbating, but occasionally with my girlfriend during sex. The site somewhat walks through the models, but it is hard to find what is right for me. Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: Also, what are some good reccomendations for lube to use with Aneros? I am purchasing some Sliquid Silk which is water and Silicone based – will that be safe to use with an Anerox silicon toy? I have heard some conflicting things about it. Also, what is the best type of lube to use with a fleshlight?



  1. Try r/sextoys for more useful info on general toys and p-spot play. The aneros forum is pretty specific to aneros toys

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