Prostate milking

Hi everyone! I’m curious, do you think prostate milking with bigger toys can help or hurt the learning process of getting orgasms with the aneros (helix syn)? I had two sessions with orgasms in the last three weeks when I decided to invest time with the aneros but nothing more, even though I’ve been using it almost daily. I still feel like I’ve been lucky these two times and I struggle to understand what I did or didn’t do that could have helped, except that I remember humping.

Before I got into the aneros, I was anal stretching almost everyday but I’ve slowed down quite a lot since then. I’m thinking getting back into it more in the next few days to see it if makes a difference. Also, I got into prostate milking too and I’ve had two sessions so far with a dildo and managed to get that cum dripping (without any orgasms though). It was fun and I thought it could help rewiring my brain. I should also add that I’ve got a njoy pure wand and tried it too a few times but little success compared to the dildo. Do you think I should stick with the aneros only or should I stop playing with the aneros everyday, continue to try manual stimulation and go back to the aneros when I’ll be more in the mood?

These days I must say that I’m not particularly horny, probably because of the social distancing and stuff, even though I’ve almost stopped masturbating to get back in the mood. I’m thinking I may be putting to much effort into this… Even though I kinda like anal play, with or without intense pleasure.



  1. i think a decent size toy that puts good pressure on it is best. i started with a makeshift toy and im able to take all 6inches. when i take all of it, it seems to hit my spot perfectly but its straight hard plastic so having to change the angle all the time never really gives me consistant pleasure. i just got my Helix Syn yesterday and it only seems to barely touch my prostate and i have to really work for the pleasure. im fairly new, ao im guessing ita just rewiring and stopping jerking ofd all together that will solve my problems with it. ive kept it in since last night to and im using it as a plug now so i can constantly practice the rewiring. but yeah, something big enough that puts a decent amount of pressure simply from just being inside you is probably best.

  2. What dildo are you using?

    I just last week learned how to handle the njoy Pure Wand to milk my prostate. Everything flowed really easily and it was cool! It took warming up with the small end for a while and having some good fun. Then unturned it around and used the larger side to apply pressure to squeeze everything out.

    For aneros toys I really enjoy the Helix trident sun. It haven’t gotten far on the journey with that one (HFWO feels great), but it feels great wearing it and keeps me horny. The Progasm I have applies great pressure, but I’m not skilled enough to have it move much. Helping the muscles out with my hand on the Progasm feels great though!

  3. I use NS Novelties Queen buttplugs, John Holmes and The hung dildo all balls deep. Sometime using the belladonna magic hand and bitch fist, haven’t tried to use the regular Doc Johnson Hand or fist for a while tho.

    It never “destroyed” my process of learning with any aneros. I use mostly the Progasm black ice.

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