For my gay boys… Super Os replacing meaningless causal sex?

Speaking for myself… I’m a 31yo gay man who has been very sexual throughout my lifetime. I love sex. Love being a bottom and get compliments from every single man who has fucked my ass before. Some of them said it’s shaped to get docked down, stuff like that.

Ok… let’s move forward. I achieved my first super O about three months ago, which I had addressed in some posts here. YES – It does open a brand new world to you. It’s like cracking that bone you didn’t know you had the power to. Pretty intense stuff

I’m a single man. I used to look for hook ups every time I felt lonely, horny or just in need of some ass fucking. However since my first Super O all that desire for man has gone away… of course I am still super turned on by man. They are trash, but awesome in bed and man x man sex is really incredible. True raw connection

The fact is. No man in the world (and trust me, I’ve been with a lot of them) has ever taken me to the level of pleasure my Aneros does. I achieved super Os during sex with only one man in my life but it wasn’t 10% of what my Aneros provides me.

Long story short. My Aneros has become my best friend when it comes to sex. To be honest I totally feel I don’t need men anymore for sexual release. It’s too much work and the bliss that comes after an Aneros super O is something I can’t find with anybody

Wanted to hear if somebody else has experienced the same things

Cheers – and I hope your prostate cums as much as mine does


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  1. Similar yet completely different sitch for me. It does replace meaningless sex, but I don’t have game and even pre-covid wasn’t able to hook up.

    Enter aneros.

    I didn’t know there was that much pleasure in the world, much less in my own ass. What a lovely consolation! I don’t miss casual sex even, though I’ve not had it. I can’t imagine anything could feel better than this, so who cares that it was never an option?

    I just feel bad for the homo-homies like me who failed to hook up, but never had toys like this.

  2. I’m bi and love bottoming but it’s a lot of work and effort. I’ve been on the aneros train because it’s less hassle but I’ve never had a super o though I’ve been making appreciable progress.

    I do feel like I need dick every six months though and I don’t think the aneros is a replacement for the urge to get dicked down.

  3. Why not try to combine stuff? When i have sex with my partner, we often do a huge portion of foreplay and that includes the usage of toys such as aneros or other massage devices.

    Once the sexual pleasure rises towards super-o territory and we both have the lust for more – well the toys are replaced 😅
    I had super-os without the use of toys before with my partner, as he has loads of endurance but it is not as reliable.

    It’s really awesome and i understand that a partner can’t “compete” with a toy but that’s okay. One can learn how to be multiorgasmic if you wanna go that route.

    Tldr: combine aneros into your sex life! Let your partner tease and stroke you during foreplay.

    Good luck 🍀

  4. Nice! I would love to be in your situation. Envious here. Especially during this pandemic as a single gay man. I’m just not there yet. My body does not like weed or poppers. I can do CBD -though, not very affective really. Probably, you just need to find the right guy. Both plugged with an Aneros, having massive amounts of pleasure, laying next to each other sharing energy and maybe touching each other in the ways an Aneros cannot. Wild bliss! And, to be able to tell that guy that you need 2 hours to yourself alone at some point, and to have them understand completely. You really can have the best of both worlds I’d say. Lucky for your success that others crave. Enjoy! … and of course we want tips and suggestions, this is reddit!

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