How to progress from involuntaries

Hi there, I’ve been new to this game and over the last 6 months on and off I’ve attempted possibly 10sessions since I first purchased the helix trident syn.

I’ve attempted and tried a number of the tips that are commonly posted here and have made some progress strengthening the PC muscles etc. The stage I am currently at is that I can (without much effort) cause what I believe to be extended periods of involuntary contractions. These involuntary contractions usually lead to periods where I feel very aroused but that is all. If I focus on these involuntaries sometimes (with my eyes closed and focusing on my breathing) I can cause myself to start spinning but not in a dizzying way. These two results of involuntary contractions are the only progress I have made. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, what sensations I should be focusing on to try and achieve p-waves.

I’ve also considered the toy isn’t working for me. When I have tried or my girlfriend has used a finger inside me it has felt like my prostate was actually being stimulated and besides being a nice feeling using the toy and having the involuntary contractions I don’t feel it actually stimulate my prostate or any sort of build up of pleasurable feelings in that area. Where exactly should the pleasure or p-waves originate so I understand where to focus and cultivate them?

Any help anyone can give would be most appreciated.



  1. Are you squeezing quite hard to start the involuntaries? I find that heavy contractions end up killing the feeling for me

  2. How often are you having your sessions? Keep them spread out at two sessions week. Try to learn Aless on your days in between. I know it’s difficult but as you know try to remove your expectations. Just enjoy it for what it is. A lot of times progress will sneak up on you unexpectedly. Something happens that came out of nowhere. Also over time with my self I have noticed progress comes in steps. Things progress, then seem to level off, then start to progress again. When I look at sessions now, from the time I started there’s no comparison. I had no feelings or involuntaries. Nothing. So it might take a while but I think you’re slowly moving the right direction. It can help to keep a journal. That way you really can track your progress and see it. Good luck. 👍

  3. Aneros plugs are designed to be very gentle on the prostate, so you won’t feel much until the contractions get really strong.

    Awareness is the key to transitioning from the pleasant sensation of involuntaries to being swept up on a P-Wave. Try concentrating your attention on the root of your penis during involuntaries. Then feel into the area around the root, including your prostate, and notice any pressure or heat building. Concentrate on that and you’ll find a feedback loop start up between that awareness and the involuntaries. The feedback builds into a P-Wave!

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