Interesting thing started happening after using aneros

I got a helix syn a couple months ago. I’ve used it a fair amount of time with no real success besides a hands free wet orgasm, but still fun. I often put it in before sex and the other day while in the shower having sex i started to get close to orgasm so i pulled out and gave my pc a squeeze and ejaculated once. It wasn’t a full orgasm but still felt good, after that I was able to return to sex and repeat the process another 4-5 times before having a normal orgasm. Has anyone experienced this? Since then I’ve been able to do this without the aneros while masturbating or having sex.


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  1. It’s normal especially if you have been exercising your PC muscles. If you get close to the edge and stop, there may be some semen in the urethra that you expell when you squeeze. This can even happen without squeezing (referred to as a ruined orgasm.)

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