A Progasm Ice Review.

The progasm is large in comparison to most Aneros toys. So being relaxed and well lubed is a prerequisite. For me it’s been a bit intimidating and I’ve found that because of this is I tend to stay over tense and consequently I felt it didn’t move much and pushed too hard on my prostate espc as my prostate woke up and started to swell. These minor criticisms aside I always felt I’d not given it a fair chance as I was too busy riding my helix Syn to take the plunge into riding the Progasm. And truth be told it scared me a little bit.

Riding the Progasm Ice
Ok. Here we go D Day for my ass. I’m writing this after two great sessions with the Ice. Waited till this morning’s session settled down to make sure that yesterdays insanity wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t.
Smoked a little pot, about 1/3 of a joint. Had a coffee. Did some stretches, put some soft music thru the earbuds. Lay down on back, copious lube on progasm. Open wide. And it’s still girthy as hell on insertion, not painful just feeling of being stretched. It’s fully in and well seated now. No contractions, just trying to relax everything. One short snort of Poppers. Breath…. still not contracting anything… here it comes… SLOW DEEP WAVE into thighs lower back and abs. Ok.. shit… slow rolling wave contraction… hold.. release.. breath… at this point I felt compelled to arch my lower back (lordosis?) and then… good bye world… 45minutes of nothing but orgasm, some light and some totally savage. Every time I tried to relax back off and slow down to stop another would blot out my intention of stopping… 90+ minutes in and I finally manage to stagger to the bathroom, having another 4 or five world bending orgasms on my knees back upright on the bathroom floor.. fifteen minutes later I literally grabbed the progasm and removed it before it could destroy my prostate anymore… aftershocks still continuing and if I touch my nipples now I won’t be writing anymore of this… I’ll be back getting fucked into oblivion.

This toy can be given enough relaxation totally overwhelming. It fucks YOU, don’t try and fuck IT. Let go and be savaged.. which isn’t easy to do. But if you can manage it, the rewards are gob smacking good.
I think a user needs a bit of experience with smaller toys before taking a Progasm on, and it probably helps if they already are able to have PGASMS. Not to be discouraging, but this thing let loose will fuck you sideways into next week and because of it’s bulk even relaxing everything once you’re a dozen orgasms in – won’t stop it.

All the above is ONLY my own experience and others experiences will likely differ. It’s a big fucker for sure and not to be taken lightly, I think for more regular use I prefer my Helix SYN and will save the progasm for when I want to be taken and dominated, because for me anyway – the progasm will fuck me to the floor and he doesn’t listen to the word NO.

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  1. Wow! I was on the fence of ordering one, I may go ahead after reading your review. I have a Helix and it does the job, but I feel like I want a little more pressure on my prostate that it gives without being manually lifting to get more pressure.

    I do find myself manually using pushing it in and out much like a dildo as I use my wand, which the results is several minutes of a mind blowing “O”!
    Thank you, I think I’ll order a Progasm Ice

  2. I have a classic white Progasm. My best sessions have been with my smaller toys. Helix, MGX & Eupho. Tried the Progasm a few times. Didn’t really do much for me. I suspect maybe I wasn’t relaxed enough. I also don’t have the luxury of edibles or weed cause of my job. And I don’t want poppers. So I’m always at a disadvantage. Nevertheless I will give my Progasm another shot. I’ll try to just relax and do nothing, and let it do its thing. Thx for the write up. 👍🙂

  3. Wow that is some review! Thanks for sharing! I have experienced the same where I had found that it can push too hard on my prostate. I have both models that you have mentioned above and experienced the same thing at the beginning… but agree, once you give it a go… lots of lube and are relaxed… it is totally awesome. My very first HFWO was from this beast… the one and only I have ever had. For that one time that I got that lucky, I had only “just” got it in and was washing my hands. It hit me so fast (within the first minute) that it actually shot the Progasm out like a bullet!! I have found though that with the size of this thing… I am good to play for an hour or two at the most. I then start getting a bit sore where with the smaller ones I am able to go for hours and hours…. tons of prostate orgasms.

  4. Did you progam sing to you. Like mine did the little p table make a crazy should when the are vibrating from contractions

  5. “Hi police? Yeah, I’d like to file a missing persons report please. His name is Pantsyr. He hasn’t been seen by friends and family in over a week. His neighbours did report hearing guttural screams and moaning coming from the house though!”

  6. My Progasm is arriving today. After reading your experience, I can’t wait. Metered expectations and what not….

  7. For me my one just ends up making me pee out prostate fluid. How can I avoid this?

  8. My Progasm always keeps me right on the edge when I first insert it, after a bit makes my ass cum hard for ages!. So I definitely get it when you say it doesn’t stop fucking you lol.

  9. Great review! Had me fully revv’d up for myProgasm Icebefore the conclusion. Then reading ” Let go and be savaged.. ” I had a mini-O!

    You’re so right, you don’t ride Progasm; it fucks you! Drives me insane, especially those rides where I can really let go, flop around and be loud. LESS flowing so much now…. I better go off and….

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