HIH 950 – First impressions and post ride report

So inspired by others reports on this I went and ordered an HIH 950…

Shipping INTL was by DHL and it arrived plain packed and in less than a week, which was IMHO pretty good all things considered. It’s also very affordable compared to the Aneros line.

Opening the packaging I was first struck by how tiny this thing is compared to say even a Helix let alone a progasm. The inserted portion is narrow and quite short length wise and the p tab is quite long and narrow also. Honestly looking at it I thought it’d never reach deep enough to be effective as I’m 6’1″ and usually prefer something like a Eupho or Progasm length wise.

Given this was my first outing with the 950 I vaped a little weed first, meditated for 10 min till the buzz started to kick in a little lubed up the 950 and inserted with no effort whatsoever (see small and narrow comment above). Also made sure the P Tab and shaft were well in and seated with a firmish push to the middle section.

Despite earlier concerns the head of the 950 sat snug against what felt like the center part of my prostate and indeed had a good amount of aggressive forwards pressure on the prostate from the very start… and then… everything changed (about 1min post insertion) a fizzing feeling in my sphincter and surrounding muscles rapidly rose and before I could say ‘what the?’ this little sucker was rocking bucking and basically going crazy with some of the fastest involuntary spasms I’ve ever felt.

Idle thoughts on the effect this would have on society …

What do you think would be the impact on society if far more men were having prostate orgasms or super O’s ? Destructive or beneficial to societal cohesion ?

Personally I think if this were more widely known about and experienced by more men, things would get very upended rather quickly for some time until some semblance of a new ‘normal’ established itself.

Was just wondering others thoughts on this (funny what crosses my mind when stuck in traffic).


This Saturday was different. It started at 0300 as two feral cats conducted loud diplomatic negotiations under our bedroom window.
This causing my wife and I to be awake well before her 0600 shift was due to start. Thanks cats I thought.
So as my wife left for work I had about 7 hours of free time in which I’d usually go for a Progasm session. This morning I meditated for an hour and went back to sleep for an hour… in my dreams I was moaning like a little bitch in heat with a Progasm screwing me over – woke up with a slightly sore throat and a fuzzy afterglow feeling… not sure but it felt like I’d had PGASMS while sleeping – that warm buzzy afterglow effect was in play.
On a whim I decided to do something different and grabbed my Eupho being a toy I’d never really got on with. Some gentle nipple play (several nipple gasms ensued) wow.. Ok lube the F*&! out of Eupho and insert gently.
Breath slow.. gentle… on back knees up feet flat.. breath.. what the holy hell? Super O – like a roaring wave of pleasure… and yet it felt sublimely gentle, like this wave had been teased out of me… it wasn’t the sledgehammer a Progasm sometimes is, no contractions needed just effortless gently starting building to a surge of pleasure over and over and over… after 30 mins of this I thought I’ll try the Progasm… still having orgasms and shaking I inserted the Progasm (more lube) – OK instant sledgehammer spasming Super O seeing colours and feeling like I’d left my body… carried on with the Progasm for 20 min then started to feel a little tired back there… removed. Cleaned up. Went and had cup of tea and vape (not weed) realised as I sat on the deck outside that ripples of pleasure were still happening.. put tea down.. ALESS super O and another and another… suddenly thought shit neigbours could see me. Staggered back indoors.
Ok. Time out. But prostate says NO. Lurch back to bed shaking and moaning (still Aless) go back to Eupho.
What followed was 90 mins of the most exquisite pleasure I’ve ever had.. I was one energised moaning and at one point singing ball of constant full body orgasm every cell in my body rang and I could feel myself rippling around the Eupho.
Exhaustion and dehydration finally called an end… drank a bottle of water and tried to pee (difficult with a swollen prostate).
Got dressed (took 5 mins because still shaking) went outside in the sun with my vape and felt my body blend into a wall of slow pulsing energy – just sublime.
Curled up back in bed to try and cool down… and just blissed out in a sea of ALESS orgasms and pleasure waves for another two hours then slept for an hour.
Later on having calmed down enough to be slightly rational I mowed the lawns. And wound up having more ALESS Wave orgasms while pushing a mower…. these carried on with decreasing frequency all day.. they got soft enough and gentle enough that they weren’t noticeable to anyone.
So a toy that I never got on with just turned me into a total space junkie without weed or indeed any great effort.
It’s gentle enough that my prostate doesn’t tire out and just about perfect for long sessions (for me). I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Hope others weekends are going as well or better….. just wanted to share what has been an almost religious experience for me.

A broken Anniversary Progasm.

So after a three week hiatus from my Aneros collection I had some alone time and marital consent (finally! – long story but good outcome). Because it’d been three weeks I went for the vape some weed and poppers route (cheating but I just wanted to get off badly).
Anyway’s lubed up my Anniversary progasm went to put coconut oil on it and the P Tab just snapped. I think the oil had gone a bit hard and the pressure was lopsided as I pushed the toy into the jar… so it was back to the older Progasm Ice for me.
Guess buildup is a thing for PGASMS as much as penile because this turned into a two hour wailing moaning convulsing re arrange one’s insides and commune with the universe religious experience.
And here I was wondering if my prostate had forgotten what to do.
Later that afternoon I broke out my NJOY wand (no weed or poppers) and managed to do another 50mins of near non stop orgasm… so yeah.. I think once a body knows how to come this way it doesn’t forget.

I’ve emailed Aneros support as to how to fix the broken PTAB (if at all possible). Have to say the Older Progasm is still a heck of a thing for me… it’s the morning after and I have mini pgasms happening just typing this and thinking about yesterday’s escapades.

Just a little heart broken

So after realising weed and poppers were a short cut to the Super O I’ve been working on calming techniques and recently managed several super O’s with just meditation breathing and the do nothing technique… I was thrilled and amazed. Ok it takes longer than vaping a little weed, but it’s awesome to do this stone cold sober.

And now my wife say’s she finds the whole thing ‘ick’ and thinks I don’t want her. Which is odd given we still have an active sex life and she’s previously been supportive of my quest or at worst neutral. Kind of sucks to find someone you hoped to share this with finds something so wonderful (to me) ‘ick’.

So we’ve talked. At length. She isn’t asking me to stop. But she doesn’t want me doing it when she’s home (which is a major block on play time as she’s almost always home). She doesn’t want me to talk about it either.

I view this as controlling behaviour and while I am not angry at her I am deeply saddened by her U turn. And quite hurt. I really don’t want to wind up resenting someone I’ve given 20 years of my life to – and I also don’t want to give up Prostate orgasms.

Progasm Anniversay Onyx edition.

Have been meaning to post a bit of a review on this but wanted a few rides on the clock before doing so.
So what’s different? No base nub. Narrower lower body. Same size at head and mid section. So you can sit down if you want. And it moves more while still having the girth to keep in contact with those sweet spots.
Sometimes though it can move too much and exert too much pressure so gentle contractions or do nothing seem to be in order with this.
That said the better mobility allows laser like targeting of the bits that feel good so overall that’s a plus.
Overall I don’t think there’s a massive difference between old and new progasms – they’re both good and both quite large/girthy.
I do find that I can go a bit longer with the new one simply because the pressure on my prostate can be lightened easier with the new.
The orgasms are still progasm like – IE Intense and near non stop.
I think if you don’t have an old progasm the new is worth the investment. If you DO have the old one, there’s not a huge difference but those differences that there are make it a subtly different ride.

A Tale of two sessions. An Example of mindset importance.

Exhibit Saturday Lunchtime.
Backdrop – Much work with a carport build still to be done.
Son is stressing out about meeting his GFS parents.
But I do have 90min to myself for some playtime.
Smoke half a joint. Try to relax. Sniff some poppers.
Small PGASM results, but it’s weak and I struggle to get
the next three PGASMS. After thirty minutes I give up and have a
short nap as there is too much on my mind to relax adequately.
In short – I can get to PGASM but it’s a struggle and nothing
much is developing from them.

Exhibit Sunday afternoon.

Son is at girfriends and things have gone well. Carport all done.
Wife has gone shopping and will be some time.
As she left she handed me a towel and put my hands on her breasts saying ‘enjoy, you’ve earned this’ a wink and she left me and my prostate to well.. go mad I think.

Because I am now very horny with an achy grumpy prostate that is making it’s presence felt – a quick brush of a nipple is all it takes
to tell me that things are more than ready back there.
Smoke a full joint. Meditate for 10mins. Get out Progasm and Mason Jarfor poppers. Mini PGASMS are occuring non stop at this point. Lube up with liberal amounts of cocunut oil. Insert very slowly. PGASM on insertion. Another on lying down. Both knee wobblingly strong. One long inhale of poppers from Jar. Focus on relaxing everything. Touch nipples lightly.

Anyone else had an O so hard their body rang like a bell?

Progasm session. Weed b4 hand. Some poppers in a mason jar… about 35min into session and crusing the waves .. body going nuts .. really long inhale of poppers.. relax EVERYTHING… fingertips touch nipples… huge surging wave of pleasure then my ears rang my abs spasmed colours danced behind my eyelids and my groin rang for minutes like a bell…
Afterwards had to take nurofen so be able walk without coming… its still tingling down there…
Havent had the post session tingles and spasms last as long as today before… its like that O hit every single nerve in my body and is still echoing around…
Much wow and a little unnerved about just how insanely powerful this prostate O thing is. ..

How is it that a bit of clear plastic can…

Reduce a grown man to spasming blubber uttering gibberish?
It’s just a shaped bit of plastic. And yet, with the right mind and a little weed…. time space and all perception of what an orgasm is goes out the window.
Two 90 min sessions Sat & Sun with Progasm and four hours later I can still feel my prostate and PC muscles buzzing. I’ve had to take some nurofen (ibuprofin) to try and calm them down. Which is sort of working.
I obviously should not be left alone at home on a holiday weekend.

My Progasm ate my weekend. And other news.

Well it ate all of Saturday and 1/2 of today.
The thing is that once it gets going it is always in contact with my prostate, so attempts to stop coming are almost futile.
An NJOY Wand I can shift off the spot. My Progasm I cannot.
So 0600 to 0845 Saturday spent pretty much non stop orgasming, 1130 to 1350 (ish) the same. Rest of day dealing with aftershocks and involuntary ALESS mini O’s. Rather distracting.

And in other news – I have had the house to myself all weekend. I have learned to take a bottle of water in with me, because moaning and screaming dry’s me out something terrible.

Sunday has been a slightly milder but same story. At least I made it to gym.

Hope others weekends have been similarly and happily eaten.