My Progasm ate my weekend. And other news.

Well it ate all of Saturday and 1/2 of today.
The thing is that once it gets going it is always in contact with my prostate, so attempts to stop coming are almost futile.
An NJOY Wand I can shift off the spot. My Progasm I cannot.
So 0600 to 0845 Saturday spent pretty much non stop orgasming, 1130 to 1350 (ish) the same. Rest of day dealing with aftershocks and involuntary ALESS mini O’s. Rather distracting.

And in other news – I have had the house to myself all weekend. I have learned to take a bottle of water in with me, because moaning and screaming dry’s me out something terrible.

Sunday has been a slightly milder but same story. At least I made it to gym.

Hope others weekends have been similarly and happily eaten.



  1. Nice! I just got mine. Haven’t gotten to use it much, I find I cant use it the same as I use the Helix. Normally I’ll walk around and sleep with the Helix, Progasm is a bit too much for that.

  2. The thing that get’s me with this whole PGASM thing is that just when you think it can’t be more intense.. it suddenly goes up a notch.
    I’ve no idea where the ‘peak’ experience is. I just know that I am hooked to having slamming waves of pleasure blotting out my reality in minute plus bursts… there’s no culmination, no real end point, there is only pleasure.. Sometimes as each orgasm rolls in the pulse is so strong my eardrums ring and then it’s almost a roar as the waves rock through me, someone is moaning shaking and swearing and it shocks me that it’s me doing that.
    The whole idea of an hour of whole body orgasm is mind bending and has tipped my view of my body on it’s head.
    I tried a few times to stop… but couldn’t drop out below light orgasmic pulses.. and then I’d take a little sniff of poppers and I could feel this giant SURGE rushing out from my prostate.. at times I could not feel either my legs or hands… my limbs belly and groin just sang with the waves like electricity was surging through them.
    And yes. My Progasm was ‘singing’ a lot this time. The P TAB just buzzed and almost danced.

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