How long was your journey to the super-O?

Been fooling around with an aneros for >5 years now. Picked up an Njoy pure wand along the way. I enjoy it get pleasure, felt like I was on the edge a few times. At this point though I feel like I’ll never get there. Don’t get me wrong I think I’ll always enjoy aneros or the wand in the future, just curious if anyone persevered for a long time and eventually figured it out?



  1. Three years now. Pretty good results overall. Only had two Super Os in the beginning. Both actually were inadvertent. Came close many times. But once again just trying to enjoy the ride with no expectations. One guy on the aneros website took eleven years to finally get to a Super O. So patience, persistence & no expectations really help. You don’t need to have a Super O right away but as long as your slowly moving the right direction you’ll most likely get there eventually.

  2. Yes two. I actually think it was more beginner’s luck than anything. However over time my sessions have greatly improved. There’s no comparison to the beginning. I have a lot of toys. The toy I started was good then and ok now. Some toys that didn’t work well then are spectacular now. But overall I’m happy to be moving the right direction. I’m enjoying the ride and not relying on my expectations.

  3. 6 years or so.. on and off.. then 6 months of focus on trying different things with a Helix Syn. Which got me there. Been a long road that if I had been more patient and kept at it earlier would probably have been shorter.
    I think trying to teach the brain to take pleasure from new nerves and muscles along with changing mindset is the trickiest bit. IMHO.

  4. Not achieved a super-O yet, but I’ve recently manager to tap into the right mindset for multiple dry O’s, pretty good ones in fact.

    Took me some 4 years to reach this point. First year was pretty meh, second had some interesting experiences but nothing remotely close to an orgasm, third and fourth felt like I was gradually building up to something with my sessions, and Jan was where it felt like I was literally at the edge of a breakthrough.

    Not sure if it’ll help you, but the key things I felt that helped me were mindfulness/meditation, levels (earlier on), and nipple play. The two things I started doing very recently that I would say really helped me break past the plateau were using edibles during some of my sessions, and really, really focusing on relaxing into sensations from the Aneros. I feel like the high from the edibles really freed up my inhibitions first, and also made me hyper-aware of sensations I had only “glimpsed” earlier, so I could then intensely focus on those sensations and allowing them to wash over me

  5. 6 years from first buying an MGX and getting nowhere, to buying a Helix Syn 6 months ago and making progress to PGASM, then trying weed and poppers with Progasm a couple of months back = whole body Super O that just doesn’t stop. So long broken journey but once I got serious about learning how – about 6months.

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