A broken Anniversary Progasm.

So after a three week hiatus from my Aneros collection I had some alone time and marital consent (finally! – long story but good outcome). Because it’d been three weeks I went for the vape some weed and poppers route (cheating but I just wanted to get off badly).
Anyway’s lubed up my Anniversary progasm went to put coconut oil on it and the P Tab just snapped. I think the oil had gone a bit hard and the pressure was lopsided as I pushed the toy into the jar… so it was back to the older Progasm Ice for me.
Guess buildup is a thing for PGASMS as much as penile because this turned into a two hour wailing moaning convulsing re arrange one’s insides and commune with the universe religious experience.
And here I was wondering if my prostate had forgotten what to do.
Later that afternoon I broke out my NJOY wand (no weed or poppers) and managed to do another 50mins of near non stop orgasm… so yeah.. I think once a body knows how to come this way it doesn’t forget.

I’ve emailed Aneros support as to how to fix the broken PTAB (if at all possible). Have to say the Older Progasm is still a heck of a thing for me… it’s the morning after and I have mini pgasms happening just typing this and thinking about yesterday’s escapades.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/ozznd0/a_broken_anniversary_progasm/


  1. This is concerning. I want to purchase a Progasm and have been holding out until the anniversary edition is more widely available in my country.

    Sounds like the previous generation might be the best choice for now?

    Your posts are always super informative btw, thanks.

  2. I dropped my Progasm Ice yesterday ( actually, I shot it out of my ass during a powerful involuntary clench as I orgasmed), and the ptab snapped off.

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