Idle thoughts on the effect this would have on society …

What do you think would be the impact on society if far more men were having prostate orgasms or super O’s ? Destructive or beneficial to societal cohesion ?

Personally I think if this were more widely known about and experienced by more men, things would get very upended rather quickly for some time until some semblance of a new ‘normal’ established itself.

Was just wondering others thoughts on this (funny what crosses my mind when stuck in traffic).



  1. It’d probably benefit gender relations in all kinds of ways, however I don’t speak from experience because I haven’t had any pgasms yet after over a year of trying. That said, from reading other men’s experiences, I think men’s pure thirst for sex would be dampened because they can get better pleasure elsewhere. I think the dating scene would then be a lot more balanced, men probably wouldn’t be chasing women as much and women would have to take the initiative more.

  2. It wouldn’t change much at first. Change would probably happen only if we are ready to expand our definition of masculinity and educate our children to be more open-minded about it. Only then prostate play could become a possibility for many men who are otherwise turned off by anything associated to femininity or homosexuality, like receiving anal pleasure.

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