This Saturday was different. It started at 0300 as two feral cats conducted loud diplomatic negotiations under our bedroom window.
This causing my wife and I to be awake well before her 0600 shift was due to start. Thanks cats I thought.
So as my wife left for work I had about 7 hours of free time in which I’d usually go for a Progasm session. This morning I meditated for an hour and went back to sleep for an hour… in my dreams I was moaning like a little bitch in heat with a Progasm screwing me over – woke up with a slightly sore throat and a fuzzy afterglow feeling… not sure but it felt like I’d had PGASMS while sleeping – that warm buzzy afterglow effect was in play.
On a whim I decided to do something different and grabbed my Eupho being a toy I’d never really got on with. Some gentle nipple play (several nipple gasms ensued) wow.. Ok lube the F*&! out of Eupho and insert gently.
Breath slow.. gentle… on back knees up feet flat.. breath.. what the holy hell? Super O – like a roaring wave of pleasure… and yet it felt sublimely gentle, like this wave had been teased out of me… it wasn’t the sledgehammer a Progasm sometimes is, no contractions needed just effortless gently starting building to a surge of pleasure over and over and over… after 30 mins of this I thought I’ll try the Progasm… still having orgasms and shaking I inserted the Progasm (more lube) – OK instant sledgehammer spasming Super O seeing colours and feeling like I’d left my body… carried on with the Progasm for 20 min then started to feel a little tired back there… removed. Cleaned up. Went and had cup of tea and vape (not weed) realised as I sat on the deck outside that ripples of pleasure were still happening.. put tea down.. ALESS super O and another and another… suddenly thought shit neigbours could see me. Staggered back indoors.
Ok. Time out. But prostate says NO. Lurch back to bed shaking and moaning (still Aless) go back to Eupho.
What followed was 90 mins of the most exquisite pleasure I’ve ever had.. I was one energised moaning and at one point singing ball of constant full body orgasm every cell in my body rang and I could feel myself rippling around the Eupho.
Exhaustion and dehydration finally called an end… drank a bottle of water and tried to pee (difficult with a swollen prostate).
Got dressed (took 5 mins because still shaking) went outside in the sun with my vape and felt my body blend into a wall of slow pulsing energy – just sublime.
Curled up back in bed to try and cool down… and just blissed out in a sea of ALESS orgasms and pleasure waves for another two hours then slept for an hour.
Later on having calmed down enough to be slightly rational I mowed the lawns. And wound up having more ALESS Wave orgasms while pushing a mower…. these carried on with decreasing frequency all day.. they got soft enough and gentle enough that they weren’t noticeable to anyone.
So a toy that I never got on with just turned me into a total space junkie without weed or indeed any great effort.
It’s gentle enough that my prostate doesn’t tire out and just about perfect for long sessions (for me). I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Hope others weekends are going as well or better….. just wanted to share what has been an almost religious experience for me.



  1. The Eupho will surprise you when you least expect it as you have found out… bigger is NOT always better when it comes to prostate stimulation.

  2. Eupho is one of my favorite toys. It moves really well. Sometimes bigger isn’t always necessarily better.

  3. I was going to post something similar but you’ve pretty much covered it.

    I own a Helix and a Eupho, plus 2-3 other toys from Amazon. (It was actually a non-Aneros that helped awaken my P, so don’t knock ‘em unless you’ve tried em.)

    But my nickname for my Eupho is “tiny dancer” because of its size and how much it moves. I am consistently shocked at how my smallest toy ALWAYS rocks my world more than any other.

    And you’re on to something with sizing up and then switching back to the Eupho. I had an urge for some girth last weekend and used a larger p-toy (not an aneros) to scratch that itch. The next day another urge hit me and I went back to the Eupho and good god! I had one of the most intense sessions yet.

    I can consistently get very long and satisfying p-gasms from the Eupho that I can repeat multiple times in the same session. I think it’s because you can’t really clench down or put too much force on the Eupho, it dances too much for that. I find when I clench or bare down on a toy it often ends up shortening the sessions because my prostate tires out quicker. Very hard to tire yourself out with the Eupho, it’s built to keep you going.

    Im pretty sure I haven’t hit the super o yet, nor have I had a hfwo, but I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to the former with the Eupho every time I use it. And I don’t really think I need the hfwo to happen, would be nice to experience but right now im just happy with what’s happening.

    If you’ve awakened the P, have experience with other aneros, and can work your pelvic floor muscles well, try the tiny dancer next.

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