Pshycadelic Aneros Experiences

Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with pshycadelic mushrooms and prostate play. Holy crap it’s been a wild ride.
I have been using my aneros for about 1.5 years. Prior to that I was a prostate virgin. For about the first year I was not having great results. I would feel the occasional pleasure waves but nothing too crazy. I then started using THC as an enhancer and at that point things started taking off. As someone who has a fair bit of experience in consuming psilocybin, I guess that was the obviously next step for me in my aneros journey. Since then I’ve had some absolutely mind blowing experiences, but I am unfortunately still nowhere near being able to replicate them while sober.

A sessions while on mushrooms can differ a lot from time to time for me. I’ve had multiple sessions where I experienced cascading waves of uncontrollable orgasms that gradually increase in intensity for many hours straight. I’ve had experiences where I was able to control and distribute the sexual energy radiating from my prostate, and send it out anywhere I wanted in my body, this has led to me experiencing orgasms centered in body parts I didn’t even know was possible (think chest, legs etc). Often times after an orgasm, I will burst out in uncontrollable laughter, which in turn will trigger further orgasms. It’s a self repeating cycle. I once listened to binural beats (something that doesn’t do much for me normally) on mushrooms and it was out of this world. Somehow my prostate connected to the sound I was hearing and every slight change in tone would send waves of pleasure rolling thruout my body. I’d always thought binurals were a load of BS, but clearly there is something there. Absolute bliss. I even had one experience where I felt like I became my prostate (sounds weird I know, but that’s drugs for ya). I could zoom in on a cellular level inside of my prostate and with my mind, I could control the levels of pleasure I wanted to feel. It’s crazy.

Meanwhile even now, sober sessions barely result in much more than somewhat pleasurable feelings, which never tend to last long enough for them to build in intensity much. Smoking weed makes things a lot better, but I still am only able to reach orgasm with it occasionally. Edible THC is better, this will sometimes result in very pleasurable sessions.

If anyone has found a way to break through the barrier, and experience similar things without substance aid, I would love to hear your insights/story.

On a side note, I’ve also realized that there is a direct correlation between how verbal I am (sex noises) during a session, and the amount of pleasure I’ll feel. It’s almost as if making sounds will start some kind of self triggering feedback loop. Being able to make as much noise as I want has been a game changer in my success with aneros.



  1. Wow, what an intense experience that must have been with the psychedelic mushrooms. Being able to control the levels of pleasure…Absolutely crazy!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Never tried shrooms and would be nervous to. Weed can be quite a trip on an aneros session – can’t imagine what it’d be like on Shrooms and weed or shrooms alone… interesting post – thanks for the insight…

  3. How much do you take? I’ve never felt sexual on shrooms

    Do you start with the aneros inside before come up?

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