Has the aneros ever made you squirt?

I’m asking because it happened to me. And I wasn’t really expecting it.

So I just got off work and I was feeling horny. I went to prepare myself. I layed in bed and it was time to relax, I had some lofi hip hop beats playing to help me relax. And my trusty friend aneros was inserted.

I felt the pleasure move throughout my body, it went up and down in waves, some stronger than an others. This went on for about 40mins. I was just feeling the pleasures build up, not really thinking of anything else. I ended up sleeping for a bit 😂 But it was ok, coz I woke up with an extremely sensitive prostate, it felt really really good. I kept it up and got a few prostate orgasms that made me go 🥴, my pants where feeling quite wet (little did i know) that it would be even wetter.

The aneros was moving on its own and It was building up to a full orgasm it kept building and building, I was moaning gently. The pressure kept on building and I was closer to an orgasm. At this point I felt like I could orgasm any moment, I gave a slight push to the orgasm and then I exploded 🤯 I squirted a few times in huge streams right there in my pants (oh man) I really wasn’t expecting it. I was full of ecstasy and was moaning quite hard when it happened. My vision was blurred, or like I was seeing colours. I remember specifically that my mind was literally empty though, like all my worries were non existent.

It didn’t end there, the next build up was on its way. I was already way too wet, but the aneros don’t give a shit. It built up to the next orgasm and boom, it happened again. I squirted a few times and then I orgasmed again right after. I was twitching like crazy and grabbing on to my pillows. This seriously felt way to good. My pants were soaking wet as and so was the bed 😅

Well, I ended getting one more prostate orgasm paired with squirting 5 minutes after. The last orgasm lasted for maybe 5 mins or more. And I was finished for the session, I was tired but still energised. I felt great. I should try it again some day.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/qiv5rs/has_the_aneros_ever_made_you_squirt/


  1. Hi, congratulations for you wonderful session.
    Sometimes aneros will build dry orgasm, super O..
    But others make we squirt/gush (prostate liquid).
    Also, if you stimulate your penis, it can make you cum.

    For this reason, it is recommended have some towels near.

    All of them are fine, simply enjoy whatever it builds!

    They were some amazing vids of people showing his reactions using it, but sadly it seems most of them are offline now

  2. This is very common for me now, after 4 years of discovery. When I have a strong prostate centered orgasm, it will push a fairly large amount of somewhat clear, and slightly sticky fluid that has a unique odor. Definitely not urine. And, in a hour long session, it will happen multiple times, with the first one being the most volume of fluid. Also seems to be affected by how much water I have drank previous to the session. The sensation when the prostate “orgasms” and pushes fluid at the same time, is an AMAZING sensation! Your mileage can and will vary from mine!

  3. Yes. Sometimes it seems to me mostly like precum or thin, watery semen. Unfortunately, sometimes there is definitely a good amount of urine involved. I have a bit of a a piss kink, though, so that’s not all bad. 😊

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