My sex life has turned into getting high af and playing with my prostate. And I love it.

I’ve had so many total body anal orgasms & dry throbbing prostate orgasms when I’m like this; it’s not even worth going out and trying to meet someone. I would love to find a FWB to play with but until then, it’s just so much easier & more intense to edge & play with my swollen weed-soaked prostate. I’ve used ever got I have (3 different Aneros models, two dildos & a thick plug) and I want more. I really want to get pegged or fucked, preferably both with a hot couple. High horny & submissive.



  1. I feel you dude! Nothing wrong with what you’re doing, and with what you want, as long as you’re happy and your activites don’t interfere with your regular life (likely not).
    At some point, maybe you can seek out a FWB or partner that gets into the same things. It seems there aren’t many of us (M or F), so it may take time, especially depending on where you live. I’m in a similar position, searching for several years in a relatively small city, but haven’t found anyone into anal toys One or two that maybe put up with it on occasion, but not really *into* it. I hope you have better luck, and one day the taboo isn’t so strong!

  2. Fuck the haters OP.

    Life is about doing what you want and if someone tells you that experiencing supreme pleasure for most ot your life is a waste of a life, then they’re just arrogant and full of themselves.

  3. I’ve been doing the same lately. During the pandemic I found my prostate…and haven’t stopped. Amazing orgasms with aneros! Happy humping bro

  4. Word up. I never achieved the level of orgasmic bliss that I have using an aneros. It’s akin to doing heroin without the awful consequences.

    I feel like I have a secret super power.

  5. That’s the good life! 😉 Do you you manage to get a lot of fun from playing with your dildos/anal plugs? At the start of the pandemic, I got myself a silicone anal plugs collection and some quality dildos (and a nJoy wand) but since I got serious learning how to use an aneros and now that I can get an prostate orgasm everytime I use one, I stopped using my plugs.

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