Best aneros for piv sex?

Hello keepers of aneros, I would like to acquire one myself, but I have no idea which one to get, and I’ve been reading posts here about maximus, progasm, progasm jr, and still cannot do a decision. I have experience with anal play, I have a 10inch 4″ dildo that I can easily take, but I would like to have prostate stimulation while having sex with my girlfriend. So my question is which model is perfect for this? Because I read that with progasm you might loose the erection just because of the size, and movement might be uncomfortable, but how about other models? I’d like to add just a bit of spice of pleasure but not take over the show when having sex.



  1. I have the Progasm, I wouldn’t say it is overly huge. The differences between the models don’t seem to be that big. If you are used to ass play, I’d just get the Progasm.

  2. Funny you should ask that exact question. I had piv sex with me wife last night with the Progasm. Best orgasm of my life 👌

  3. I would say that none of them are all that good for PIV, but the best is the Progasm just because of it’s size.

    I find that they pop out if you stand up or get vigorous.

    A real butt plug will stay in better and probably produce similar feelings.

  4. I have the Progasm and love it for all aspects of foreplay and PIV … Except the orgasm. It’s not that my orgasm is bad, it’s pretty freaking good, but i think it’s better without it. In certain positions and situations, my orgasm does push it out from time to time.

    I use it because hand jobs, blow jobs, and the thrusting are … just awesome. With that being said, I’ve considered buying one of the thinner aneros toys and experimenting with it.

    Strangely enough, i don’t use it for solo play due to me going soft and hard through the session.

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