Darwin, Answer This

Having accepted the theory of evolution (anyone who hasn’t should at least try reading Darwin’s book), I’d like someone to answer me this, in evolutionary terms:

– Why is prostate massage so fucking wonderful? For hours on end, with the Aneros in the end, the pleasure continues, like no other. Is this a vestige of the genes that make the female organism?

– If so, is the anersos orgasm anything like the female orgasm? (Try setting up an experiment ot provde that one!)

– Why does getting rewried, getting massaged in the prostrate, make my nipples so sensitive to exstacy, like they never were before? Why does stroking my nipples with my hard middle fingernail cause the groin to spasm in sympathy?

– How is that becoming rewired has created a link between nerves of my face, lips, tongue and lower neck, all coupled to the prostate and penis? Now, I can make my tongue move so it creates a sensation that my dick is being licked.

– When I get things just right, and my shincter beings moving the Aneros in and out on it’s own, why dos that cause an erection and ejactulation.

– What is the evolutionay advantage to such an ocean of orgasms that do not lead to procreation?

I’ll keep enjoying all this without answering these questions, but I’d be entertained by answers.

And if you are a creationist instead, let me know why this is part of the Intelligent Design.

Just me, banging away

Wally Banger

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  1. How long did your rewiring process take you? Also, what was your frequency of use? I’m still going through the process, slowly, after just over a year of aneros usage.

  2. Funny,

    I first managed to elicit amazing hands free orgasms, I guess within six months, before later mastering the ability to facilitate the total body orgasm witching killing it by trying. That came within another six months.

    The best advice I can give is to spread your but cheeks, to enable the Aneros and your “very central nervous system” to take over for your willful conscious mind.

    I’m doing that as I type, finding distractions of the most mundane kind another enabler of total sensation-fucking madness.

  3. Creationist here. An entire book of the Old Testament canon (Song of Solomon) is dedicated to the celebration of the passion and pleasure derived from two lovers. If one takes the time to consider many of the rituals and laws one can see that there are many practical reasons behind them. (i.e. Washing hands, essential oil blends used around blood, etc.) How can you explain bacteria to an infant civilization? You don’t. You say, “Wash and be holy”. “Use these oils” (they kill viruses).
    We now understand that prostate stimulation can prolong virility and avoid cancer. Well, instead of saying, “Stick this branch up your butt.” make the act so pleasurable that we choose to do it anyway.
    Just my musing

  4. Late to the party, in areas with high population density (think of metropolitan cities), the amount of homosexuals relative to over all population is much higher than in lower density areas. It is theorized that this is sort of a self-regulation mechanism to avoid overpopulation and therefor food scarcity.
    Why is this relevant? Because naturally, same-sex activities still need to be enticing and worthwhile. Now I don’t want this to sound like the old “anal is gay” cliché, since men share the same anatomy regardless of sexual orientation. However, same-sex couples are far more likely to discover this pleasure (butt)on during activities than straight couples, given the primary roles in the latter.

    So I would conclude that this quirk of our anatomy does have the evolutionary benefit of making same-sex activities more enticing, leading to a more stable population, since more isn’t always better.
    However, I do not claim this to be the only reason, since during the development of the child in its mothers womb, reproductory organs only split according to genotype months after conception, from the same basic tissue I might add.

    So it could very well be possible that, what the g-spot is for women, serves some additional functions in the male body (production of preseminal fluid and passing of semen in the urethra, production of hormones, etc.)

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