This had to be a Super-O

I’m convinced this had to be a Super-O.

So I decided to have a session to kill a bit of time. I was already in the mood so I decided to get ready.

This time, I decided to go back to the original way I was trying to have SuperOs, laying face down with a gap around by dick area so to avoid short-circuiting. I laid there, thought about some things that aroused me, and just tried to keep a gentle squeeze, and if my body responded with a tighter squeeze I tried to push it back out a bit and maintain the softer contraction.

Then in my mind my fantasy was growing, soon my brain was fully on it and the Aneros would move in and out on it’s own. I was still trying to hold the squeeze, and I was so I felt very subtle movements that kept hitting my prostate and sending amazing tingly warm feelings to the head of my dick.

The more absorbed by my fantasy I was, the more turned on I got. I was already playing with my nipples and was really feeling good. Shortly after I began screaming with pleasure.

Next thing I know, I couldn’t perceive the world any more. I thought I was far away from my body, but my prostate and dick felt like they were 20 times their size. I could not comprehend reality anymore. It was almost like I was on mind altering drugs! It wasn’t just my body, I honestly thought I was in some sort of black hole, but I could not comprehend where I was anymore. I can’t explain it, but holy shit it felt amazing.

Next, my body started quaking hard. The quaking was not pleasurable, but I was still feeling the Aneros hit my prostate hard. Still trying to hold the gentle squeeze, but by this point was loosing it and just started having harder contractions.

Finally a shockwave of pleasure went throughout my chest. I’ve had this before and I always consider it a mini-o, but I normally have it earlier on, and I only have it once. Suddenly as the Aneros kept moving, I had another one, and another, and then I had a really hard one that I felt right from my abdomen all the way up to my chest and right across it. Then it happened a few more times. I could not believe what I was feeling. I felt my feet even tingle a bit, which is unusual since I never get any feeling in my legs when I do this.

At this point, I felt the need to stop because I’m not used to that level of pleasure, so I finished the old fashioned way.

If that isn’t a Super O, then I can’t imagine what is.

On the plus side, I have felt tired and low in energy all day, but right now, I feel like I could do anything.



  1. I can say from my experience it sure sounds like you did. Congrats! It all gets much easier after the first.

  2. BAM

    It just gets better, and weirder, and more confident, and more jedi-like. If you keep at it, get ready to start having weird trips with this thing, man. Like—not even imagining sexual situations while orgasming super hard on the nothingness of being -levels of weird trips. It’s like discovering you can print crack at home for free. I’m not even joking.

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