Yup, it happen — I’d just had sex with my wife and my aneros fell of the bed and the puppy …

Chewed on it for a bit. We didn’t know it fall, wife was like “what is that noise?” That when on for a few minutes before we investigated and found the culprit.

It’s the hard plastic one, so there is no major damage, just some scratches. I think I have two options: use a lighter to smooth out out, or sand it down. Thoughts? What grit sandpaper would I use?


Comparisyn Deal

Hi! So, I started off with the progasm and I absolutely love it! However, it would be nice to experience the aneros “dancing” inside of me as many call it, so I’m thinking about getting the comparisyn deal. Which would you recommend? What have you had the most success with? I use my Progasm regularly

Packaging question

I ended up purchasing directly from aneros for black friday and just received the package. I noticed none of the packaging was sealed/wrapped and the boxes inside are kind of crumbled. Is this usually how things arrive?. I’m hoping it’s just due to the package being thrown around during shipping…

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Tried something new with great results

Figured I’d pass along a simple tip/trick that I read about on a form somewhere and finally gave it a try. I’ve been using Aneros for a few years with limited success. I’ve tried almost everything but always felt that it wasn’t hitting the right spot.

I’ve tried semen retention, mindgasm, etc and had some good progress but always felt like there was something missing.

Yesterday, I decided to put some padding between the P tab and my body. I folded up a small sock and placed it between. I was actually really surprised at the outcome of my session. Like wow! I was feeling better and had way more pleasure than I think I’ve ever had in a session.

I was using the helix trident. Going to give it a try with the syn today.

My tip if Aneros isn’t “working”

I’ve used my Aneros for a long time (5-8 years), and while it feels great, especially while jerking with it in, I never got to handsfree territory- until I discovered something:

I folded up a sock into thirds and slid that underneath the perineum tab (like a cushion between it and my perineum), and holy man did that make a difference. I unlocked new levels of pleasure completely hands free🤤

I’m not sure why this works – I think it’s because I’m quite short so my prostate might not be as far in, and/or my prostate and perineum are very sensitive and this helps prevent overstimulation.

Whatever it is, I highly recommend (and experiment with different thicknesses of padding).

Extended wear?

I don’t always have 60-90+ minutes to devote exclusively to aneros play and have been trying to figure out a hack to squeeze in more short but still satisfying sessions. One thing I’ve started to try is to insert the aneros before I’m ready to fully commit to the process. I’ve tried a couple times putting it in when I have 30 minutes to an hour of work and/or chores to finish up. I’ve had mixed results and wanted to get the community’s take on wearing the device while not exclusively focused on it. Is this a hack to multi tasking during the build up, or am I missing the point and need to limit myself to the times where I can be singularly focused for an extended period of time.

Thanks for any thoughts/tips/advice. All welcome and appreciated!

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Do any of you engage in aftercare after a session? I have been noticing that after rather intense sessions lately that I have some uncomfortable nervous/anxious energy left over that eventually subsides. Going for a run helps but curious if anyone else experiences any negatives after a session and if you do anything right after you are done.

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Physical Soreness After a Session?

I have been having Aneros sessions for 4.5 years and I have struggled for most of that time. I have never had a prostate orgasm, but over the past month I have been making some progress…having some good sessions with stronger p-waves and I feel like I’m building toward something.

My question is…I had a pretty good session with my Helix Trident and I am experiencing more soreness than I have in the past. Yesterday evening, my hips and legs felt stiff and sore. This morning, my neck and shoulder were achy. I’m wondering if this might be the result of a good session or just general achiness from something else.

Does anyone else get physically sore after a good Aneros session?

Switching toys mid session?

Hi all,
I have three aneros toys, a helix syn, progasm, and progasm jr. I had a session the other night with my helix, bc it’s the most comfortable for me, but after a while my mind started wandering and I decided I wanted to switch to something bigger, so I switched to the progasm. I found I wasn’t feeling the lack of mobility from that after a few so I decided to go to the progasm jr. Which felt great at first but after a few mins one of the tabs started digging into me and it hurt so I switched back to the helix after that.
It was still a fun session overall, experienced a lot of wonderful sensations in different positions, but I guess my question is do you guys ever get the desire to switch toys mid session? And is there any value in it?