Anyone know how best to deal with the “have to urinate” sensation?

so whenever I use the Helix and the only other stimulus i do is teasing or rubbing the nibbles, the pleasure waves build up and i get awashed in dry orgasms, but suddenly i get the strong urge to urinate that so much i have to stop the session to go pee. It’s really frustratiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Like should i not drink three hours before a session or should I use my SGX or MGX instead



  1. Yep. this happens with me as well. I notice the need to urinate deadens my sensations a little bit. After I pee the sensations are strong and intense again. Not sure how to deal with this. 🤔

  2. I find that that urge is there occasionally as well…. what I end up doing is to just urinate, give myself 5 mins after and start over again. edit: as well I do not think changing the device changes this, but I could be wrong. I have several aneros toys and find the same for each.

  3. I find that it is the sensation only, and I don’t have to nor can I actually pee.

  4. This is normal and it will go away. Just pee before you start and try to relax as much as possible.

    If you actually end up peeing again, you may have the Aneros positioned such that it’s stimulating your bladder directly. Try pulling the Aneros back out half an inch or so and directing it more towards the spine than the belly button.

  5. I told myself, “Fuck it! If I piss my bed, I’ll just wash my sheets!” I then proceeded to squeeze myself to my *first* HFWO. It was heavenly bliss.. now I’m chasing more PC strength so I can start to comfortably use and enjoy my Lelo Hugo vibe to get me closer to the full body o!

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