The great Aneros massaging shootout

After new aquisitions I decided to re-test most of what I have. To make it as objective as possible (YMMV), I’m only judging on how effectively I was able to massage – that means the intensity of the response in a short time.

I am experienced in the feelings department but haven’t used toys much because they didn’t really feel worth my time. I am tight so pretty much everything including Eupho sits tightly. I used just enough lube to get everything in.

The setup: Position on my knees for greatest control, elbows proped up on a higher surface (more comfortable and less straining) and using my hips to gently control the angle and pressure. Usually a short break to clean and replace toys. Playing bland but nice porn, can’t ensure objectivity throughout time here, torn between focusing on the mental notes, massaging and trying to let go by watching it.

So in the order of appearance (and reappearance) short review for each one:

Eupho classic. Never quite liked it but I was able to get it going, being able to control the massage. I guess the time I chose was not bad.

Peridise – small and big. It’s not a massager, it’s something to put in, the control is not great. At least the smaller one might be able to move on its own (yes, that’s how tight I am). Haven’t been able to do anything significant in the short amount of time. Sill, it can be worked better than a small plug.

SGX classic clone (I think it’s a bit smaller than MGX but same shape). Haven’t really used it much but always felt most comfortable, got something going on pretty quickly.

Helix classic. Everyone knows much of this is pretty subjective but it just doesn’t fit me very well. Admittedly, by this time I was getting a little tired, maybe Helix itself was a cause of it. I was feeling uncomfortable, like it was stuck too far in and too far away. Wasn’t able to relax and watch. I will try this one again later.

Progasm Black Ice. This was a tough position to be in but I was able to get it going. It’s easy, too easy? This one in addition to being able to massage by movement is very responsive to light contractions. It doesn’t feel too big, its shape makes it easy to fit it in. I haven’t had any discomfort while using it.

Large glass plug (large base, large droplet shaped bulb). This is bigger than Progasm but shorter and a challenge to get in. It’s easiest to push it at an angle, this is still new to me and this time I haven’t managed it comfortably and then let it hang down causing discomfort while taking notes. I let it sit for a few minutes, wasn’t feeling comfortable yet. I will get back to it again.

Progasm Black Ice again. Nothing spectacular but but it was slowly picking up. Definitely points for this one, it’s easiest to work with.

Helix classic. This time it was better, porn changed. Nothing spectacular though. (Putting on consipracy hat.) Are Helix recommendations just a ploy to sell more Aneros? This was definitely not the best choice for a first Aneros for me, I wish it was MGX.

Large glass plug again. Once again a tough position for a toy to be in. Managed to get it in rather easily this time. As opposed to Progasm, this one doesn’t respond to contractions if you’re not aroused enough. I was able to work it, the sheer volume just makes it hard to miss. Got an intense wave.

TL;DR Get Progasm. For immediate results size = good but be careful. Some shapes just don’t work. MGX is probably unrightfully overlooked.


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  1. The MGX has been my favorite for a long time. It rides my prostate more aggressively. The sensations come on very quickly with it. Wish the base part of it was smooth with no ridges. Some of my best prostate Os have come from this toy.

    The white Helix trident is very close with the MGX. It contacts my prostate differently through. Its given me some very nice orgasms as well. It moves better for me.

    The white Eupho has proven to me surprisingly effective. At first it didn’t do much for me, but over time it has really given me some great sessions. It moves the best of the three. I always start my sessions with it.

    These are my three favorites. I have the bigger aneros toys but they don’t seem to do that much for me. I guess size isn’t everything in my case. Also after 3+ years of my journey, I still have never had a orgasm from a vibratory toy. Only mild numbing. So I just don’t use them. Good write up. Nice to hear about others results and what toys work and don’t work for them.

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