One amazing week with the aneros, but trouble with self control

I’ve been using dildos for prostate play for years although I’ve never had anything like a super O, and I’ve also had very sensitive nipples since I can remember.

I recently bought an aneros helix syn in the hopes of finally having a hands free orgasm and I’ve played with it about three times in a week. The first time, I just stuck it in and jacked off and it was similar to using a dildo–an enhanced feeling of pleasure and slightly drawn out orgasm. The second time I tried not to touch my dick and just played with my nipples. I was getting abdominal twitches and could feel my balls twitching, but I ended up playing with my dick a little and came–the orgasm was amazing but it wasn’t hands free.

The third time I think I definitely got O waves–this time while barely even touching my nipples I was getting abdominal twitches and had moments where I was got these strong, pleasurable numb sensations from my thoughts up to around my navel (it felt like when you walk into a hot shower or get into a hot tub and get those warm chills). Was that an O wave? I got so horny that after about tell minutes and maybe three or four of those numb sensations, I just grabbed the base of my dick and came. It was powerful and the feeling of horniness didn’t subside for maybe a minute after I started shooting–there was still a lot of warm pressure in my abdomen.

I think the issue I’ve been stuck on is not touching myself while using the aneros. It sounds like such a childish issue but the pleasure and horniness that I get is so intense that I almost can’t resist touching my dick a little–it sends such an intense wave of pleasure and it’s right there.

I was thinking, ideally I’d be able to force a prostate orgasm before the urge to touch my dick gets too strong, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. Is anyone able to? If not, any tips for not touching yourself? I’m almost inclined to buy a cock cage, but I think the sensation of being erect and twitching was a big part of inducing the (possible) O waves.

Any thoughts?



  1. You need to focus on the internal feelings and get away from ejaculation thinking. Penis has nothing to do with aneros… the path and pleasure is way greater then any ejaculation.

  2. I can’t relate, you sound like an addict. Nofap would do you good. If you don’t want to touch you just need to not touch. Not doing something is easier than doing something. Just relax.

  3. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; I have terrible self-control and struggle with this as well. I’ll have a good session and say to myself “I’m never orgasming from my dick again” but the next session I get carried away. Sorry that I don’t have any instant solutions, but I hope you’re comforted by the solidarity.

    On the topic of cock cages, some people say that they enjoy the pressure from not being able to get erect. I don’t have one but I’m considering it for some of the same reasons as you.

  4. Yes, get yourself a cock cage, it will drive you crazy (in a good way) knowing you are forbidden to touch yourself and all pleasure has to come form the prostate. It’s amazing!

  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I almost always finish off my sessions with a manual penis orgasm, I leave the device inserted and edge as long as I can, it’s absolutely mind blowing amazing and a great way to finish a session. I take off the cock cage and with the prostate all raved up while stroking my penis so it’s nice and hard, you will be blown away by all the sensations! Key here is to take your time and enjoy all the feelings, edge as long as you can and don’t race to a manual penis orgasm. I’ve also read on here that some guys have a penis orgasm and go right back to prostate play. So do what works for you and have fun, experiment and explore!

  6. When I know that I’m going for a long session, and I want to remove all temptation or cheating from penile stimulation, I’ll put eml numbing crème in a condom and wear it during the session. It’s a total trip to get that much pleasure and know that none of it is coming from my cock. And there’s the added benefit that I won’t be tempted to involve my penis or jerk off at the end.

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