Buyers regret, haven’t yet found the right aneros, please help me find the right one.

Dear Aneros Enthusiasts,

I have been an aneros user for a long time, but I still haven’t achieved the super O yet.

I don’t know what the issue is, but so far the following models haven’t really done it for me.

Helix Syn: while this one was very nice it felt to small yet also to aggressive.

Eupho: this one really gives good results, but I feel it is just a little to small and just doesn’t give enough stimulation. It takes a lot of focus to keep things going.

Progasm: this one is just to big, period.

I am thinking about the following models:

Progasm Jr.: This seem like it might offer a nice middle ground.

Maximus: Just like the progasm jr. this one seem to offer a nice middle ground.

But I don’t know if these would be any better than the ones I have tried or which of these two would work best.

Any advice would be welcome.



  1. I started out with the Helix Trident series like most people because it’s the recommended model for beginners to start.

    Eventually I grabbed the program but I’m still not ready for that. I can’t control it well enough and I have a tendency to bear down and push it out.

    I recently picked up the Maximus and I’ve made more progress with it than the Trident. Something about the larger girth and the angle that works better for my body.

    BTW, Eupho is geared for advanced use offering pinpoint control.

  2. What do you mean big? I’m tight as hell and just tried Progasm BlackProgasm Icetoday and it was fine. Anything bigger is a bit of a challenge for me to get in. And now I hate the classic handles even more because the trident with ball ends was hands down better. I wish all of them were like that in 2015.

    You don’t say how far you got, are you getting something and just want more? Cause if you can’t work what you got right there then I don’t think another of the same is going to help.

  3. With the progasim… you just need to relax… and do nothing. Don’t force and contraction.. anytime you feel like you are contracting… try and release back to nothing.

  4. My model of choice is the Eupho but if I had to use of my other larger models it would be the Progasm Jr. because it gives some fullness but also provides room for movement that I like from the Eupho.

  5. I personally think the issue is very likely unrelated to the a specific aneros toy (or any toy for that matter). You probably might have already read the wiki or several other posts where someone mentioned that reaching a super-o is mainly a mental thing, not a mechanical or physiological thing. And that is absolutely true. Toys don’t matter much, heck, people (myself included) have orgasms without any toy inserts, just by relaxing and meditating. The sooner one understands this, the sooner results will roll in. Ontop of that you can save loads of money.

  6. Progasm: I agree with Progasm being too big. I can feel it’s tip going way above my prostate. I think it’s bulbous body is what presses the prostate. Also it tends to slip out during session.

    Helix: This model is the perfect size for my prostate. It hits the target perfectly and very comfortable compared to Progasm.

    I’m curious about how Eupho is but honestly i’m thinking it’ll be a money waste due to it’s small size.

  7. If you are serious about this, you will need to just keep practicing and purchasing the different toys to try. You really don’t know which one will work the best for you until you try most of them and learn what works. I basically have almost all the Aneros collection in my pursuit and have had great luck with the Porgasm Jr. That was until I got the 20th Anniversary Program and used it for the first time yesterday — OMG! It’s not my go to toy! What works for me may not work for you. Also, I make sure there is a ton of lube up there. I have a lube shooter and also coat the toy before inserting. I’ll pump like 6-7 shots up there with the shooter. I take out the toy and clean it about once an hour and reinsert (re shooting and coating). Use that opportunity to switch up your toys too. Also, really helps to be clean on the inside before you start a session. The blackProgasm Icetoys seem to be the slickest and I like those the best. I use Gun Oil for my lube.

  8. Popper and trainning from tallanerosuser video should get you there
    Popper have. Some side affect
    You need read before you try

  9. Started my Journey with the Helix Syn… I’m very tight and had fissure issues… anything bigger than 1” was too much for me… I worked the Helix in and started learning the kegel and pc movements… learned to move it around pretty good… I felt I was missing something… I then thought maybe I should go larger… looked at all the aneros measurements and decided to go with the white plastic Maximus… got it inserted without much of an issue, and wow I loved the fullness it gave me… experienced PO’s and Super O’s almost immediately… now it’s constant using the Maximus… when I go back to the Helix Syn, it’s like I have nothing inside… so if you’re looking for a fullness feeling and not too difficult to get inserted, I would recommend the Maximus… love mine… BUT you also need to lube inside and the aneros a lot before you start your session, AND huge help is sensitizing your nipples so they feel t
    Like they are connected to your prostate… that will certainly get you over the edge into the amazing world of Prostate Orgasms…. Good luck! PS -my Journey took abt 2 years but I wasn’t too serious until I got my Maximus.. I was initially ok with the amazing penile orgasms that the Helix’s syn gave me… Then I got serious and the land of PO’s is truly amazing…

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