About Progasm… Help!

Hello all. I own a helix syn and had really nice results with it. But during my latest sessions with it I was feeling like I’d like a toy that’d stimulate my prostate harder. So I went ahead and bought an Aneros Progasm Ice. It’s really gigantic compared to my helix. So, super excited, I tried it. Wow! What a difference compared to helix. I definitely loved it’s feeling.

But… there’s a problem. It’s slipping out. My silicone coated helix was sticking to my butt like glue no matter what position I take. I could move around, squat, stand etc. But with Progasm I can’t stand or kneel, which is a position I love. While lying, there’s no problem. I can put knees up, lay completely flat etc it stays in place perfectly even while having pleasure waves, muscles pushing it etc. But if I get up, it’s thick body starts to come out.

I’m starting to think it’s too big for my body.

Please help.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/qdimtp/about_progasm_help/


  1. It’s not that it’s too big, it’s that it’s poorly-designed with too-large of a base–if they had just made the base smaller so that the sphincter could retain it better, it’d be perfect. That being said, I have managed to have some good times with it…after using a lube shooter to get lube up there, and inserting it, I wear a pair of period panties, which prevents leakage…and also stops the toy from ejecting when things get vigorous…

  2. Yeah, try searching for Progasm slipping out here or on aneros forums haha. That’s a problem many, me included, have with this toy. It’s definitely not the size, I can take toys much larger than the Progasm and I have no problem with keeping my Helix in.

    But the Progasm just slips out. It’s the shape of the thing. I’m surprised the aneros guys still after all these years don’t have a similar sized toy, but with a thinner stem.

    That said, I love how the Progasm feels, so to prevent it from slipping out I basically had to fashion a harness for it.

  3. The new 20th anniversary Progasm doesn’t have those problems. It slides in and stays in. Fits like a glove. After my first use with it last night, it’s now my favorite toy. I had a 7 hour session yesterday using that and the Jr. best session of my life! Just when I was thinking of stopping, another wave of POs would wash over me! The hours fly by when you get in the zone! Enjoy!

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