Stimulation Without Aneros? Or anything else?

I’m not really sure if this is the right subreddit for this but since I previously only got these results from an actual Aneros, this seemed like the best option. /ProstatePlay doesn’t seem right because I’m sure I’m not even capable of hitting my prostate in this scenario…

So last night was going to be an Aneros night. I was super ready for it, had a good bit of herbal refreshment and got into bed. Very much looking forward to it, I was thinking about the spasms that start from using the Aneros and suddenly I realized I was contracting the muscles and actually having those involuntary muscle shakes that happen in your thighs and p-waves were spreading from my stomach across my body. Fast forward 35 minutes later and the first of three successive hfwo’s were happening (not super-o’s.) It was insane, I really couldn’t believe what was going on but decided each time that thought came up that I was going to just ride with it.

But… I never used the Aneros. No lube. Nothing. This also made for an exceptionally easy breakdown at the end but I’m left wondering – how on earth did I make that happen? does this ever happen to any of you all? Even today I can flex the two muscles if I think about it and start getting that very initial “feel” that something good is going on. I am kinda digging that newly discovered skill (hello commute!) but I’m stumped on how I’m making this go down.



  1. That is your mind “ re-wiring “
    Have you checked out /mindgasm been doing that for @ 2 weeks and with out a Aneros in I have been able to flex in the am driving to work and start a wave 🌊 ( do not operate machinery while trying 😜)

  2. It’s called “a-less” (Aneros-less) play, and it’s common for those engaged in prostate play to experience it at one point or another.

    You don’t need mindgasm to achieve it obviously, you did it without it.

    It’s a normal part of prostate play!

  3. It vaguely sounds what super-O is like for me, I do A-less and when the time is right, it kind of happens. The difference is that I don’t do any contractions and never had HFWO, sometimes it feels like it’s going to happen though. Its main quality is that it’s not fleeting so I relax as much as possible and enjoy the blissful, pulsating feeling all over my body. When my joints are kind of stiff and sore I try to switch to lying on my side or whatever, keeping them limb kind of reinvigorates it. It’s easy to trigger thrilling waves repeatedly by thinking or seeing anything remotely erotic. I recently learned that people are specifically calling this this the Calm Seas Orgasm. For me, there is nothing I like better.

  4. Aless…. they are great. Can have an aneros session without the aneros…. every night:)

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