Reaching the prostate from the top down

Hi everyone,

I’m just curious, I’ve recently discovered I have much more intense sessions if I use a rolling wave motion from my belly button down to right above my dick with the muscles underneath. I had always thought that the intent was to go from your anus to your PC muscles in a rolling motion that way — however it seems I’m going about it the reverse way (and having a very fun time at that).

Just generally curious if others find this way pleasurable or not. Thanks in advance.



  1. Same here. When I am in the right head space and relaxed I contract in my lower belly and roll that contraction down to my PC and sphincter then relax.

    I can get a repeating cycle that gradually ramps up and goes through the roof.

  2. When deep into a good session i am not even sure what way it’s rolling down there or what is even happening… I find it’s best to not worry about what you are doing and just go with the flow.

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