1. It’s not “dangerous” since prostate “moves” back while you cum. So, you are not really putting any pressure on it. If that’s what made you think it’s dangerous

  2. Not to my knowledge. I’ve had lots of traditional orgasms with my Progasm inserted and haven’t had any problems. I do have a tendency to eject the toy when I start ejaculating. Having the toy inserted increases the pleasure two fold for me, awesome!

  3. I do. It’s awesome. No issues.

    Whether you’ll enjoy it is up to your anatomy, but it’s safe in general.

  4. when you ejaculating, your pelvic area is contracting, but without nothing against the prostate, therefore the aneros is the missing puzzle.

    ejaculation > pelvic contraction > aneros thumping the prostate > enhanced orgasm

  5. Yeah I love it. I have the Syn V and put it on the highest setting. Such an amazing feeling with my cum shooting all over my body

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