Waiting with baited…anus?

I’ve had the MGX/SGX for at least 10 years now with limited use and results. Mostly just for adding a little butt play to the usual jerk off. Nothing close to super o’s, waves, etc. Perhaps an extra 10-15% on top of the usual orgasm.

Flash forward to about a week ago. My husband and I (MM) had sex. He finished first and I grabbed the toy. I STG my ass sucked it up and it started pulsing in and out all on its own. Almost immediately, this feeling almost like a squeeze started building somewhere between my groin and belly button. Legs, uncontrollably kicking/pushing against the bed. I was able to ‘hold on’ for a minute or two before he barely touched my dick. I…..exploded. Everywhere. Surprised the neighbors didn’t check on us I was so loud.

Needless to say I wasn’t right for about 15 minutes. Pulling it out gave me another whole body ‘shutter’ Not sure which orgasm/wave whatever either one were. But I bought a new Aneros and it’ll be here this afternoon. Will hope to update everyone on continuing success.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/ggkag7/waiting_with_baitedanus/

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