Prostate orgasms for HOURS everyday for a week in a hotel. Here’s what I did…

About me: I’ve posted on Reddit before about my experiences, so feel free to read through those. I’m <30 y/o. Gay male. Bought my first Aneros SGX in 2009, forgot about it for a few years, and then in 2013 started picking up more Aneros models until now. My new fav models: Eupho Syn Trident, Progasm, and Peridise.

**tl;dr:** I used my Aneros everyday for a week in a hotel room and orgasmed for hours everyday. I did some great things and learned some great things. Sessions are only getting better with each use. Life is great.

A few weeks ago, I was away on business and stayed in a hotel for a week. I brought my Aneros ended up using it every night with incredible results (I have videos that I will upload at some point). It was during this time that I really had a chance to discover myself, my body, my prostate, and how to really use the Aneros to its fullest potential. I had back to back dry orgasms lasting 1-3 hours every night, and finished off with hands-free wet orgasms every time because I get really bad blue-balls if I don’t cum. I alternated between Eupho Syn Trident and Progasm.

What I did:

1) Got myself really horny throughout the day by watching porn and surfing Reddit, but never touched my dick

2) Practiced kegels throughout the day

3) “Rewarded” myself with an Aneros session after a long day of work (that mental build-up really got me raring to go)

4) Locked the doors, lie down, put headphones on, and either listened to porn (NOT WATCHED) or binaural beats (I swear by these two: and

5) I touch myself in the places I know work for me – inner thighs, groin, chest, nipples and soon enough, my rectum is quivering and shaking, begging for the Aneros to be inserted

6) I lie on my side and tease my hole with the tip of the Aneros, making my body want it even more. Then I give in and insert it partially, letting my body suck up the rest of it just to where it wants it to be

7) The act of doing that alone was enough to send shocks through my body and on some occasions, sent me into immediate orgasms

8) I stayed on my side for some time, just breathing deep into my abdomen and sort of “pushing out” on the Aneros with each inhalation. On each exhalation, my hole quivered and pushed the Aneros against my prostate, driving me even crazier

9) I experimented with several positions but found my top 3 were: Lying on my side, lying face down, and bent over a table/bed

What I learned:

* The movements/contractions/kegels that you need to do when the Aneros is inside are actually **SO subtle**. Focusing on the sensations from the *tiniest little movements yield the greatest results*. I used to squeeze hard and almost “ram” the toy against my prostate hoping it would give me the same sensations as having anal sex but it never worked. It never felt good and left me really disappointed.

* Watching porn or listening to porn during a session is **too distracting**. It makes my brain expect the sensations of whatever is happening in the porn, and distracts me from the pleasure that is ACTUALLY going on in my body. I would recommend staying away. I used to feel that I needed the porn to keep me horny during a session, but now I know if I need the porn to keep me horny, the Aneros isn’t the right toy for that day. I think this may apply to many other people.

* The crazy shaking/seizure movements that we see in videos aren’t fake (I genuinely used to think they were paid by Aneros to do that shit). **Faking those movements will also not help the Aneros feel any better. They come when you have reached a point in your journey where you can surrender entirely to the Aneros and the sensations it generates.** Once you do that, just let your body guide you. **BUT!** I found that I could only “let go” once I started feeling pleasurable sensations, because before that I was “searching” too hard, if that makes sense. (Sounds cheesy and I never understood what it meant, but really there’s no better way to describe it other than just letting go).

* Less psychological pressure is best. Don’t pressure yourself into feeling like you *HAVE* to have pleasurable feelings because it is a toy in your butt and it’s pressing against your prostate and that should feel good. No. Just go into it with the intention of being happily pleasured by any sensations you feel. There is no pre-Aneros equivalent, so you really cannot even fathom what to expect.

* I don’t douche for Aneros sessions. I think it puts too much psychological pressure on me to enjoy my session because of the amount of effort in douching. I take Pure for Men fiber supplements and eat a healthy diet. That’s it.

I was able to do this every night for a week and the sessions only got better and better. However, I had **absolutely no desire** to put anything up my butt for the following week. I think maybe I burned my prostate out. However, I can say after a week off, I’m back to loving my Aneros sessions again. In fact, I think I had one of my best sessions the other night where I floated on that feeling you get in your groin right before you’re about to ejaculate for **TWO HOURS**. That was a new high for me, and it finished with my screaming into my pillow for 4 minutes while I climaxed and had a hands free wet orgasm. If you’re interested, I can write another post on that in the future.

I’m writing this because I’ve learned so much from these forums and want to help people achieve this level of bliss. It is too incredible not to share. I’m happy to chat with people about it, so please feel free to DM me!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This is awesome thanks for the post! I’m definitely going to incorporate some of this into my Friday session.

  2. How were able to differentiate the sensations with the aneros to have the hands free wet orgasms vs the prostate super o’s? Ive had the prostate super o’s with the aneros but only had HFWO with my knock off njoy Pure Wand or my thick dildo.

  3. This is the best account of life with Aneros I’ve seen. Every word is like my own.

  4. I’m jealous, I havent had a prostate orgasm yet! and I’ve used mine several times

  5. Awesome! Almost same as my travel hotel routine. Keep afterglow going during day, once in room for night get naked and really let arousal build, make insertion a pleasure in itself, then let go and ride the waves!

    I am a bit different as I like porn while I ride and on my back with Progasm deep is my fav. Love how no holding back when in hotel, gets you extra pleasure from crying out and spasming all lover(cock smacking abs flinging precum all over!) as ass takes over driving us wild! Hard and feeling it now as I read your description and type this 😉

  6. Appreciate this post so much! great tips!! gonna try those binaural beats for sure!

  7. So, I was hoping that you might explain what (to you) a prostate orgasm is? In that, I mean what would you classify as an orgasm . . . and how do you know it is? Sorry, but this is by far the most confusing part of the journey for me, hands down.
    I know there are P-waves, which are nice and that for some people (I’ve gotten this far), after some time and the right head-space/position, the feeling builds to the point of being intensely overwhelming, wave after wave hitting them so hard that they are holding onto furniture from the sensations and moaning or laughing/crying from the intensity, and they consider that an orgasm. For myself, afterwards I’m left with a contented, afterglow type of feeling (even Euphoric).
    But I keep hearing a lot of talk about involuntary contractions (though I’m not sure if it’s a continued hard contraction of the PC muscles or rhythmic contractions of the prostate itself). Is this part of the Super-O? I’m down for just the experience, the journey, but I’m having such a hard time nailing down what is, and what isn’t an orgasm. So far, the posts haven’t helped much.
    With a penile orgasm it’s pretty easy to explain, since it’s the same for almost every guy on the planet, but I know it’s different from the male, penile orgasm, and I keep hearing many differing opinions. I was hoping you could share yours? What makes it an orgasm for you and how do you know it is and that “you’re there?”

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