Am I on the right path here?

Hello everyone,

I bought my first Aneros, a Helix Syn, about 1-2 years ago. In the beginning I was very unfamiliar with anal play (straight guy in 20s) and was just fooling around a bit. I remember that inserting into my butt made me uncomfortable. I also didn’t really get any good feelings from it at the very start.

After a few sessions I bought a different model (can’t remember which one exactly) and ordered poppers, seeing that many people have had better results with them. In the next sessions I had a nice feeling of pressure inside me, especially after a sniff of poppers (I guess that was the aneros pushing onto the prostate). I also felt some very slight involuntary contractions: I involuntarily contracted some muscles down there and it felt nice, but after a few seconds the contraction would stop and that was the end of it. I only got those contractions with the MGX Trident and Maximus Trident.

After that, I didn’t get any further for a long while, I even tried using the Aneros while on a light-medium dose of LSD, but the experience with the Aneros didn’t change while tripping, it was the same as sober. Because of the lack of progress, I stopped using the Aneros massagers for a while.

Recently I started using the massagers again, and it appears as if I’m finally a step closer. With the MGX (Trident and Classic, not syn) I got what felt like stronger and longer involuntary contractions, even right after inserting the device. These contractions just come when I’m aroused and can get suddenly get stronger when I am getting more aroused, like they literally make my muscles contract and snap back further. The contractions definitely feel nice and it appears that the contractions make the Aneros hit my prostate. However, after 5-10 minutes of the involuntary contractions they gradually lose intensity and after 10 minutes they are close to completely gone. After the 10 minute mark I very occasionally get another of those contractions, but it will fade away and won’t stay. With the early contractions I once got some rhythmic contractions, which felt like the toy was auto-fucking me and it felt very nice. Unfortunately this happend only once or maybe twice and I wasn’t able to reproduce it after that.

Now to my questions:

– Are the contractions I feel the involuntaries? How can I go further?
– Whenever I get those contractions, I’m not sure if I should relax and let them fade away or if I should do nothing or if I should put voluntary effort to make the contraction stronger. On the one hand everyone here writes to relax, but how do these contractions fit into relaxing? Are they an exception?
– What could be the reason for me losing the contractions after a few minutes into a session? I already tried to add more lube and also used lubes that take longer to be absorbed, but that didn’t keep the contractions for longer.
– Is poppers use when trying to rewire a good thing or should I first try to get the p-gasm without them?

I hope I could describe my current issues and I would greatly appreciate it if the experienced users could help me out.

Have a good day!



  1. You do not have to any substance like poppers, LSD, or weed to do prostate play with Aneros. Those initial feelings you have sound right, and I would mentally focus on those sensations without doing anything else. Think about the pleasure your prostate is receiving and let that expand. Breath and relax into it. If the contractions stop for over ten minutes, your session is probably over. Maybe jack off and come back when you have the craving for prostate play again. Don’t overthink it, relax and enjoy!

  2. I have very similar issues as you and it would be great to have answers. It’s like after doing the kegals for a bit, I start to get the involuntaries which feel great, but then they fade away. I’m not sure if at that point I should relax or voluntarily tense my muscles again. Best of luck on your journey!

  3. >What could be the reason for me losing the contractions after a few minutes into a session?

    One thought I have is that maybe you have a shallow prostate and the head of the toy is actually working its way past it. The peristaltic movement of the rectum sucks it in over time – I think that’s part of what causes the “auto-fucking” sensation even when your anus is not moving.

    One thing to try there is to use a washcloth – fold it under the top and bottom tab, so there’s a single layer of cloth between you and the tab. It will move the position of the toy a little bit, but mostly it (a) stops it digging in quite as far and (b) muffles the sensation of the tabs. A generally useful trick to isolate the internal stimulation vs the tab stimulation and also find out if the toy is going too far.

  4. I have been successful with and without the aneros. I’ve never used any type of drugs to achieve a super o, even though I was tempted many times. I feel the body just needs to find the path way. Once I started getting some feelings/pleasure it wouldn’t last long but each attempt it go a little better. I also find once the contractions start to fade, I very, very lightly contract and hold. Then I feel the contractions start to return. I also find that lightly rubbing my nibbles help a lot. Of course this is said all the time, relax your whole body, only allow very, very light contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, focus on relax breathing and clear your thoughts (the hardest part). Good Luck

  5. 1) Re: contractions – Yes, those are probably the involuntaries. There’s no need to go “further”, as such, but it’s important to learn how to hone in on the sensations that the involuntaries give you. Sometimes, it may be nothing (as is the case a lot of the time), but sometimes the involuntaries manage to push the Aneros into the right thing at the right time to stimulate great sensations. Focus on those sensations and how to generate them just as subtly. Ramming harder WILL NOT work. Nor will squeezing/contracting harder.

    2) I do a combination of both. I usually relax and let the contractions do their thing. Sometimes, I’ll bear down like I’m trying to push the toy out, because that triggers even stronger contractions. However, I would recommend NOT squeezing harder, because then you start entering the realms of trying to generate pleasure manually with the Aneros, which just doesn’t work.

    3) The contractions come and go. Don’t think of the contractions subsiding as the end of your session. Instead, experiment with different breathing techniques (I take a deep breath in, push out my abdomen, and bear down on the toy) and that usually triggers another set of involuntaries. Repeating that usually keeps them going over and over again.

    4) I use poppers every now and again. I have to admit the session that “unlocked” Aneros pleasure for me was quite popper-heavy. I found the sensations were a lot stronger and more pleasurable when I used them. But now I’m beginning to find them less effective, and sometimes even distracting.

    Have a look at my posts and send me a message if you have any questions!

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