1. Never (dont do benzos) but weed has always helped me (unless i smoke too much and start freaking out lol) and i know it helps a lot of people too

  2. I’ve never tried Xanax or weed with my aneros. I don’t do benzos and don’t live somewhere weed is legal. However, what I really enjoy is a moderate dose of Kratom and using my aneros. Kratom has varying effects depending upon dosage and I’ve never really tried heavy doses, but mild and moderate doses always make me pretty aroused for some reason. This is not a universal experience but not uncommon. However anything above a mild dose makes getting it up harder and it tends to go soft more quickly, so even people who have the same experience as me generally don’t take it to combine with a sexual experience. However, hard or soft is irrelevant for aneros play so it’s great. What I figured out is that I tend to take a somewhat long time to warm up to the device, though that’s decreasing with experience. This means sometimes once I’m really into a session I can start to get blue balls if I’m super aroused which kills everything. So I actually start a session without Kratom, enjoy myself for a bit and then take a dose. The very mild headrush and arousal enhances the experience, but also prevents blue balls because while aroused I don’t get or stay hard as much… Forewarning to anyone else who trys this, Kratom can have a tendency to cause movement in your intestines if you catch my drift. So make sure you’re good and empty before trying this or you might have to end a session premature.

  3. I get anxiety from weed too. But I found that AC/DC strain actually reduces panic/anxiety. I use it with the Aneros. I also used klonopin to help me relax. Only the weed helped with the pleasure from the Aneros

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