Session video – 11 Prostate orgasms finishing with a hands free wet orgasm

I know a lot of people have asked for successful users to post videos of their sessions. I know I love watching them so here you are. I posted Part 1 of this session with my Progasm a few weeks ago. Here’s part 2.

I annotated the video so you know when the orgasms are because sometimes the pleasure is too strong that I can’t even make any noise. You can usually tell by how my ass muscles clench and un-clench.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you all think. Enjoy.

Prostate orgasms for HOURS everyday for a week in a hotel. Here’s what I did…

About me: I’ve posted on Reddit before about my experiences, so feel free to read through those. I’m <30 y/o. Gay male. Bought my first Aneros SGX in 2009, forgot about it for a few years, and then in 2013 started picking up more Aneros models until now. My new fav models: Eupho Syn Trident, Progasm, and Peridise.

**tl;dr:** I used my Aneros everyday for a week in a hotel room and orgasmed for hours everyday. I did some great things and learned some great things. Sessions are only getting better with each use. Life is great.

A few weeks ago, I was away on business and stayed in a hotel for a week. I brought my Aneros ended up using it every night with incredible results (I have videos that I will upload at some point). It was during this time that I really had a chance to discover myself, my body, my prostate, and how to really use the Aneros to its fullest potential. I had back to back dry orgasms lasting 1-3 hours every night, and finished off with hands-free wet orgasms every time because I get really bad blue-balls if I don’t cum. I alternated between Eupho Syn Trident and Progasm.

What I did:

1) Got myself really horny throughout the day by watching porn and surfing Reddit, but never touched my dick

2) Practiced kegels throughout the day

Going from Aneros to A-less and back to Aneros orgasms – how I did it

Ive been an Aneros user on and off (mostly off) for about 10 years. Recently I picked it back up and I’ve started having more success than ever.

My success started a few months ago when I used a Helix Syn while lying on my stomach. I find this stimulates my prostate the best, no matter what toy.
I played with it for hours while playing with my nipples, and brought myself to an amazing HFWO.

While I was washing the toy and standing at my sink, I felt my prostate tingle and jolt with electricity. I was washing the toy in my hand, but all I could think about was putting it straight back in me. NO REFRACTORY PERIOD! And so I did. It was incredible.

Bear in mind this is probably 10 mins or so since I had my HFWO on my stomach, but I got back onto my stomach and started experiencing entirely different sensations. Tingling, electricity, involuntary contractions, the lot. I was in heaven! I continued to play like this for a few more hours until I decided it was time for bed. Still no super-O or anything like that.

Fast forward a few weeks/months, I’ve continued to use my Aneros, sometimes with great success, sometimes with none. I started transitioning to getting minimal stimulation with my Aneros in me (probably because of high expectations, etc) and started getting amazing A-less sensations just sitting at my desk doing work. I could get to involuntary contractions, tingling, amazing shaking contractions/orgasms without anything in me.

My A-less sessions are better than my Aneros ones – why?

I’m quite new to the successes of Aneros and even now, I don’t get reliable results.
My best has been with a Peridise while kneeling and I haven’t been able to replicate that.
But when I’m sitting at my desk doing work, I often get really pleasurable tingling and contractions in my pelvis without any toy in and they feel much better than when the toy is in me. Am I doing something wrong with the toy?

How to prevent blue balls?

I’ve read on here a lot of guys who can have prostate O’s etc and feel completely satisfied.
Now, I’ve had similar experiences but after a few hours/days without cumming after one of those O’s, I start to get really bad blue balls.

Trying to refrain from traditional masturbation… so anyone have any way of avoiding blue balls?

HOLY SHIT!!!! I just had back to back DRY O’s and a Super-O(?)!

So. This post comes as a bit of an update from my previous post where I talked about how I end up always having HFWO instead of Dry O’s. Tl;dr: I used my Eupho Syn last night and came to an amazing HFWO and stopped.

Today, I’ve been sitting at my desk doing work for most of the day and have been feeling near-constant buzzing and warmth from my prostate. It just felt like it was humming and buzzing while I sat in my chair. If I did some kegels, it gave some pretty incredible sensations.

I was pretty distracted all day, reading through the aneros, prostate play, and cum from anal reddits. I got extremely horny to the point where my contractions were giving me the tiniest O’s (I think that’s what they were). I was giving myself chairgasm after chairgasm while fiddling with my nipples and I repeated this for almost 7 hours (with a few hours of actual work in between).

It got to the point where I was shaking my legs in the chair and it was making my prostate buzz. It was driving me wild and I was leaking insane amounts of precum just sitting at my desk. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I always end up with a HFWO! Help!

Hey all. I’m just going to go through my journey so far and ask some questions to you pros out there! I am a gay 30M.

I am an on and off Aneros user since 2010 (mostly off) but a few months ago I started getting back into it more and opened up more to the whole concept of “rewiring”.

When I first started a few months ago, I was using my Helix Syn (not trident) and was able to get a HFWO. I have found that I have some nice warm/tingly feelings when on my back or side, but when I’m on my stomach is when everything feels amazing. Lying on my stomach allows my butt cheeks and legs to quiver and shake much more freely, leading to some amazing sensations and hip bucking. However, I find that I always end up with a WET orgasm rather than a dry one I think because of the tiny penile stimulation of my bed/towel on my penis. 🙁 **Anyone know a way to avoid this? Does chastity help?**

A few weeks later, I tried again using only a Peridise. Again, on my stomach. It was amazing and I got incredible quivers, shakes, and contractions until another HFWO. BUT, as I was washing my Peridise, my prostate was tingling and spasming non-stop as if it wanted it back in. So, I obliged and lay in bed for a further few hours having incredible prostate and abdominal contractions! **Has anyone else tried this?**

POLL: For successful users, how would you rate your sex drive/horniness on a scale of 1-10?

This is just a bit of research regarding a potential correlation between achievement of Super-O’s with Aneros and sexual drive. I’m curious to know how you guys will respond!

Question: For those of you who have achieved Super-O’s using any Aneros, how would you rate your sex drive or horniness on a scale of 1-10?
Scale details below:
1 – Rarely horny at all. I orgasm less than once a month
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 – Relatively horny. I orgasm 3-4 days a week
6 –
7 –
8 –
9 –
10 – Extremely horny. I (can) orgasm more than 3 times a day

N.B. By orgasm, I mean by any means – manually, sex, etc.

What am I supposed to feel with Helix Syn inside me? Need help please!

Hey guys

A bit about me: Gay male here with receptive anal sex experience and I have the Helix Syn and the Progasm.

I’m curious to know what you guys feel when you put the Helix Syn in you. Do you immediately feel pressure on your prostate when you insert the Helix Syn? I’ve found that I don’t really feel much of anything… but I still try to do the whole relaxation thing to give it a chance. I’ve been doing this for a few months now with absolutely no luck. Last night I decided to have a go again and while listening to the Hypnaerosession CD, I completely fell asleep and woke up 2-3 hours later absolutely confused. Felt nothing. I’m getting really frustrated and am begging for help!

Positions I try:
– On my left side with my left leg straight and my right leg bent
– On my back with knees bent
– On my stomach

I really don’t feel much of anything and I’m ready to throw the damn thing out. I’m open to any kind of advice either here or PM! Or a personal coach! Anything!