HOLY SHIT!!!! I just had back to back DRY O’s and a Super-O(?)!

So. This post comes as a bit of an update from my previous post where I talked about how I end up always having HFWO instead of Dry O’s. Tl;dr: I used my Eupho Syn last night and came to an amazing HFWO and stopped.

Today, I’ve been sitting at my desk doing work for most of the day and have been feeling near-constant buzzing and warmth from my prostate. It just felt like it was humming and buzzing while I sat in my chair. If I did some kegels, it gave some pretty incredible sensations.

I was pretty distracted all day, reading through the aneros, prostate play, and cum from anal reddits. I got extremely horny to the point where my contractions were giving me the tiniest O’s (I think that’s what they were). I was giving myself chairgasm after chairgasm while fiddling with my nipples and I repeated this for almost 7 hours (with a few hours of actual work in between).

It got to the point where I was shaking my legs in the chair and it was making my prostate buzz. It was driving me wild and I was leaking insane amounts of precum just sitting at my desk. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

My family is all in the house so I snuck into the bathroom with my Aneros Peridise, a small tub of coconut oil, and some poppers. I stripped off quickly and inserted the Peridise in quickly and it immediately sent shivers down my spine. I was panting within seconds and I hadn’t figured out a place to lie down, so I kneeled down on my bath mat and rested my elbows on my bathtub and within seconds I was in heaven.

It started off just as **really** incredible sensations through my prostate and to my whole body. I took deep breaths and clenched my sphincter every now and again to stop it from falling out. That’s when everything went insane. The instability of the Peridise started making my body autofuck it against my prostate. I was moaning and writhing in pleasure as it pushed and massaged my prostate into submission. Then I felt a really tight and warm sensation building around my pelvis and I started stroking my nipples. Normally, this is where I coax it along too much/hard and it becomes a HFWO. But, I used what I learned from my hours of scouring Reddit and gently rode along with the pleasure and had several lovely mini-O’s back to back!!!!! I was in **heaven**. My genitals were contracting as if they were pumping cum out, but nothing came out. I took a few whiffs of poppers and continued riding along in mini-O heaven. I was satisfied.

Suddenly, the mini-O’s started growing stronger and more intense than the previous one. Before I knew it, **something intense exploded in my pelvis and I was bucking and arching my back with my mouth wide open up to the sky as if I was screaming**. I think if I was home alone, I would have been. This probably lasted for 2-3 minutes with my legs and ass cheeks shaking and quivering. I was pulling my weight over my elbows and lifting my knees off the ground, and all sorts of other contortions. I was hyperventilating and mentally screaming out in pleasure. Was this a Super-O?

When the pleasure died down, I slumped over the edge of the bathtub confused and trembling. I looked down to see that I had had a dry O (apart from pre-cum dribbling down). After I gathered my thoughts, I got back to riding mini-O’s back to back again with nipple fiddling until a less intense prostate orgasm took over again and I was howling (silently) at the sky for minutes. I felt spent.

I took another few seconds to gather my thoughts and decided that I was done for this session. As I stood up, the change in position tickled my prostate again and sent electric shocks through my pelvis and up my spine. I decided to kneel back down and fiddle my nipples again. I got a few nice contractions, but nothing more. This was my body telling me to take a break. Total time: ~26 minutes from insertion to completion.

I never knew it was possible to relieve blue balls with a dry prostate orgasm, but damn. I’m feeling blissful and content with life right now. Writing about this is making my prostate buzz again, but I really do need to get back to work.

I think I may make some videos in the future with this new-found technique.

Thanks for reading!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/gkf27y/holy_shit_i_just_had_back_to_back_dry_os_and_a/


  1. Oh please do record videos. I would like to research via videos.

  2. Update: I went back into the bathroom later in the evening and put it back in for a few back to back mini-O’s and then a wet orgasm using a shower head. INCREDIBLE.

    Now it’s the next day and I’m back at my desk feeling my prostate tingle. I hope this doesn’t become an addiction….!

  3. What a great description of going from a less prostate buzzing to full blown prostate orgasm. I have found that in a similar way the best times with the aneros start off slow like this. Just letting it build by focusing on the sensations and letting it guide me. It sounds to me like you had a great super orgasm. I can relate to howling at the sky — I know exactly what that looks like and how you’re feeling. Fantastic.

    When you get some privacy eventually, being able to vocalize will only intensify the experience.

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