Can still feel pleasure after first session.

So I got a progasm ice as my first aneros.
I’ve done a lot of prostate play with my girlfriend and solo in the past but never had an orgasm from it.
As I usually need quite a lot of pressure on my prostate to get pleasure from it I decided to go for the progasm ice as its big.

I used it for the first time today and I was not disappointed!
Long story short I had a great time!

Its been about 10 hours now since I used it and I still feel tingly pleasure in my prostate, (something I hadn’t felt before using the aneros)
It feels great and it gets more intence when I tence my Pc.

Anyone else get these sensations after a session?



  1. That’s called Aless. ( Anerosless ) Pleasure with no toy used. I would highly suggest you have session with no toy and develop this. Light kegel squeezes and lots of body/mind arousal. You’ll be surprised you can have P-waves and a orgasm with no toy installed. It happened for me. I even once had a inadvertent super O. I say inadvertent because I can’t duplicate it. Sadly. 😕 Good luck. 👍

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