I always end up with a HFWO! Help!

Hey all. I’m just going to go through my journey so far and ask some questions to you pros out there! I am a gay 30M.

I am an on and off Aneros user since 2010 (mostly off) but a few months ago I started getting back into it more and opened up more to the whole concept of “rewiring”.

When I first started a few months ago, I was using my Helix Syn (not trident) and was able to get a HFWO. I have found that I have some nice warm/tingly feelings when on my back or side, but when I’m on my stomach is when everything feels amazing. Lying on my stomach allows my butt cheeks and legs to quiver and shake much more freely, leading to some amazing sensations and hip bucking. However, I find that I always end up with a WET orgasm rather than a dry one I think because of the tiny penile stimulation of my bed/towel on my penis. 🙁 **Anyone know a way to avoid this? Does chastity help?**

A few weeks later, I tried again using only a Peridise. Again, on my stomach. It was amazing and I got incredible quivers, shakes, and contractions until another HFWO. BUT, as I was washing my Peridise, my prostate was tingling and spasming non-stop as if it wanted it back in. So, I obliged and lay in bed for a further few hours having incredible prostate and abdominal contractions! **Has anyone else tried this?**

Now, I’m not complaining about being able to get HFWO by any means because they are some of the most intense and insane orgasms I’ve ever had. It’s even allowed me to reach intense prostate/anal orgasms from having anal sex!

**BUT! I want to be able to reach dry orgasms so my sessions can last longer! Any tips/tricks?**

I have some videos if anyone’s interested.

Thanks again!

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  1. I wish I could have a HFWO. I can only have dry orgasms. Only time I can have a wet one is if my wife is touching my dick at the same time

  2. I would get a chastity for research purposes and see if that helps avoid penis stimulation. Even a jockey strap can help. I have one left over from my Vasectomy and it does add a naughty factor to the session. Let’s you focus more on the feelings and prostate. Might help you trigger a Dry Hands Free Orgasm.

  3. I can’t know for sure what is happening so keep that in mind. Reading your post, the thing that sticks out to me is that you are saying you lie on your stomach and that puts pressure on your penis. If you’re moving your body at the same time that makes sense to me that you could ejaculate.

    So I would think your best bet would be to try lying on your back or side so you aren’t laying on your dick. Or you could try still lying on your stomach but suppress the urge to wiggle around. I’d suggest trying the former first.

    Good luck homie.

  4. As for your wet orgasms when laying on your belly, use a jockstrap. This will help against accidental penis stimulation leading to HFWO. Turn over on your back and try some nipple stimulation while using your toy. I have had some very intense dry Os this way. Very hard throbbing cock with nothing coming out. Which of course leads to another stronger one again & again. With a toy & many with no toy at all. Aless ! No refectory period as well. Good luck.

  5. Even with HFWO there should really not be any refractory period. You should be able to make a huge mess until you want to stop. I have had dry and slightly wet orgasms and I don’t have refractory period until I manually engage my cock.
    I can see how one would rather make dry preferred because of less clean up. As you said no complaints about getting orgasms, just want the other type. Enjoy what you have, lots of people here can’t do it, and they want anything they can get.

  6. I don’t know if other people experience this, but if I want to have a HFWO I will kegel (clench down) on the toy (along with the usual relaxing my mind, arching my back, thinking dirty thoughts etc). By kegeling I can feel it in my ass but mostly in my penis.

    If I want to have a dry O, super O, or squirting O, I will alternate between kegels and reverse kegels (pushing out), and sometimes both at the same time. This I feel much more directly on my prostate and causes a totally different kind of orgasm. The muscles I use to push not only push the prostate into the toy, but start contracting involuntary and become the orgasm. At first it’s dry, but if I keep going they contract so hard that they squeeze out anything in my abdomen: precum, urine, the toy; which is what makes you squirt. It feels amazing.

  7. Yeah I did see it. Did you see my post?
    Yesterday my prostate was buzzing and I knew that if I could pay it some attention I would be rewarded with some phenomenal orgasms. However, I could not break away to do it.

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