Anyone feels their pinky toes movement in their prostate?

I have the big peridise in now, as I go through some work sitting at my desk. I barely tried inserting aneros and doing mundane things, so I decided to give it a try, just to spice work up a little. It feels nice.

But then I clench my pinky toes on and off, and I feel it inside my rectum. It’s like the pinky movement triggers some tendons or something, because I feel it in my legs too. I know fingers and toes don’t actually have muscles. They are moved by tendons we have in our hands/feet and arms/legs, so this may have something to do with it. When I clench them I feel like something gets tighter inside my rectum, next to my prostate. If I do it on and off it’s like prostate massage.

Now, I haven’t discovered this just now, it’s not the first time I move my toes and my rectum gets tighter. But I just remembered it when I clenched them now and I felt it in my prostate lol



  1. Everything is connected. When I have a toy inside me, I feel every movement by any body part in my rectum

  2. I’ve felt distinct pleasure in my legs (especially my right leg) while using the Aneros. It feels very similar to sexual pleasure, although not exactly the same. Kinda trippy but I’m not complaining hah.

  3. Wow I know exactly what you are talking about. This is weird but sometimes I’ll be sitting and there will be something touching my toes and it feels like it’s in my anus and then I’ll move my body and realize it was my feet. So there you go.

  4. The nerves that end in the genitals and the toes actually sit right next to eachother in the brain. It’s illustrated here Everyone’s wiring is unique and some people can feel movement akin to genital stimulation from foot stimulation. It explains a lot of foot fetishes. Maybe you feel something similar but you might notice it more when you are more relaxed and aroused.

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