Getting closer! Can you become addicted to prostate stimulation?

After about a month of almost nightly sessions with my Aneros Progasm I almost got to the Big O last night. I was shaking and my muscles were contracting to rhythmically pull the Progasm against my prostate without concious control. It went on over and over for several minutes and felt amazing.

A couple of things I have noticed. I never did feel much from nipple play before but after reading other posts I decided to try it again. It has become one of my new favorite things to do. It’s like my nipples are directly wired to my prostate now!

Also, I can’t seem to stay away from my Progasm. I intend to skip it but then get up during the night and insert it and start playing for hours. I am losing sleep. Can you become addicted?



  1. Yes! Nipples feel fantastic.

    And I’m afraid it’s possible to become addicted to prostatic orgasms… But it must be pretty rare.

  2. I posted the same question a while back. Once you find your prostate, yeah I think you can become addicted!!

  3. Oh man! Reading about how Progasm works us over always fires me up!

    When you first break through into the intense prostate pleasure the new ecstasy sucks you in and you want to ride everyday. Just sooo good and so new!

    Butt, while it’s amazing pleasure, you do gain control and get back to more regular schedule. After my first SuperO I rode everyday for week, then I went to every couple of days. Became better to space rides to get more intensity and enjoy the afterglow longer. Although sometimes my ass just cums calling. Happy riding!

  4. Addicted is such a loaded term. No, I don’t think you are or will be. Is a 13-year old who’s discovered he likes to masturbate, so does it 4-5 times a day, addicted? Nah, it’s just a phase, and can be controlled… and in time he will almost certainly get it.

    So enjoy your prostate orgasms! It’s great that you’re figuring it out and having a good time. Explore it like you would any hobby… and sounds like now you’re at the stage of becoming proficient… that’s actually very cool! It doesn’t have to seriously interfere other things that are important in your life. You just need to exercise a little self-control and time-management. No different really than learning not to stay up too late to binge-watch Netflix. Meanwhile, enjoy your newly-found fun, it can be a new addition to your life from now on — how cool is that? 12 years on, I think it’s awesome! Good luck to you!

    Oh yeah and I never did nip-play til I tried it with prostate play. For me as well, the two seem to be connected!

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