How different are the silicone toys?

Hi there. I have several “standard” Aneros toys (sgx, eupho, and progasm). I’ve gotten the most enjoyment out of the eupho so far, but I’m wondering how different the silicone toys are. Can anyone share thoughts on differences in feel and effect, which you prefer and why?


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  1. I have a Helix Syn and greatly prefer the trident Helix or Eupho and never use the syn. The syn is soft and kinda bendy. I enjoy the harder plastic and stiffness of the tridents plus I think they move better because they’re smoother

  2. I prefer the Syn because the hard plastic tabs are too much discomfort after some time

  3. It’s a difficult topic since we are individuals with different sensibility.

    I’ve got a Helix Syn Trident and a MGX Trident normal. The Syn has flexible tabs while the non-Syn has solid tabs. The solid MGX’s tabs, especially the perineum-tab, feel pinchy after some time making it uncomfortable while also generating a sore feeling at the touch. The flexible Syn tabs are more comfortable but less noticeable. But since this is a personal experience, you might even enjoy the stiff tabs of the non-Syn models. Best way to find out is trying out.

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