3rd time Aneros update, tips needed

So I have an Aneros, I’ll have to look for the model. But throughout the day today, THINKING about using it really got me aroused in the prostate area, like quiver, clutching my knees together.

But when I got home and used it, I was on my back knees bent and I could only feel subtle waves of that sensation. I tried a different position and it felt good kinda lost it. I couldn’t get past that tingling/stretched sensation on my hole🙄 any help?

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  1. I have only had my Aneros for about 5 weeks now and I thing overall having made great progress. It took me a few sessions to learn to relax and focus on breathing. My sessions are typically 2 hours or more. So my advice is relax, don’t go into a session expecting too much, breath and focus on the sensations and feelings you get and try not to tense up when they happen.

  2. You have to be patient and persistent. Orgasms will eventually come, even if you have to persevere for several weeks, months or even years…

  3. I suspect you are entering into things with too high expectations and trying to do too much. Just relax properly before you start. Continue to relax by lying on your back with thighs apart with s well lubricated sphincter before slowly inserting your Aneros and then just letting it rest inside you. Enjoy the sensation of having something filling you. Don’t try to grasp your anal muscles around the Aneros or move about. Just let it happen! If you have no results then just enjoy the sense of the aneros in your ass. Next time may be your time, or the one after that. Just enjoy your relaxed stuffed state.

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