Progasm ICE, my old friend!

HI guys,

Early this morning after reading a thread on Progasm ICE on the Forum, I decided to have a session with Progasm ICE, my old friend which had sat unused for many months. It is so wonderful to reconnect with Aneros models which has served you well over the years. We are now in the New Year of 2022! Ten years ago, in early June 2012, I began my Aneros journey with Aneros Syn which had recently had arrived on the market. A month later, in July, I began using Maximus. Soon afterwards, I began using the white Progasm Classic and the Progasm ICE. I enjoyed the rugged action of Progasm Classic, but also the sleek, silky action of Progasm ICE.

Last night, we had one of the coldest nights in two years which temps in the low 20’s. I slept relatively well with several blankets and towels surrounding my neck and a woolen cap on my head. I diddled my nipples throughout the night which alleviated the cold of the night.

When I arrived at my session with Progasm ICE this morning, I was well primed of my night of nipple diddling. I was amazed at the silky, sleek action of Progasm ICE. The model is well-suited for Kegel action. This model works well with calm rhythmic breathing. A Kegel here and there accentuated the delights of my ride.

Medical suggest prostatic massage?


i read a lot about prostatic massage, but i can’t find info if medical suggest it or not and.

Keeping separate the pleasure aspect, the prostatic massage made from an Aneros device, can be healty for prostate?

I don’t search pleasure from aneros, but only healthy effect on my prostate, but i read that it can give very powerfull pleasure, but i don’t know if this is only marketing or real.

Your opinion? It’s true that can give some benefit on ED?

Replacement for lelo bruno

The guy I play with had a Lelo Bruno and it recently stopped charging. He really liked it but would frequently say he wished it was more stimulating to the prostate. He’d say it felt like it almost hit where it needed. I was looking to gift him a replacement and saw the aneros vice 2. What are people’s experiences with it and do you think it’s a good buy?

First time precum from using Aneros?

Has anyone noticed being able to get precum from Aneros for the first time, without having had it before? I’m wondering if guys that only been able to get precum before using Aneros are able to have it during.

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Stiff feeling in perennium.


Wanted to ask, I’m not exactly sure what it is but, since I’ve been using my Aneros recently, even when the toy isn’t in, I sometimes get a stiff feeling around the perennium area. Almost like there were a small metal coin or something there. I’m not entirely sure what it is.

I don’t know if it’s a feeling I’m now aware of like as though my prostate was swollen, or maybe my muscles are just tired from use.

Does anybody else experience the same thing?


Bought my first Aneros, Helix syn trident was smaller than I expected are they all about that size I need something bigger in order to put pressure I’m looking for. Even if I flex I don’t really feel any thing.

Aneros with Mindgasm

Hi guys

So I’ve taken everyone’s advice and subscribed to mindgasm. I’d already tried the first three lessons, and because of things I’ve done in the past I found the base and PC muscles pretty easy to separate. Then the Top muscle…

When I do what it sounds like I’m supposed to do I kind if get it. I’ve been trying for the last few nights, and I do feel like I’ve got a good control of it (not long but definitely there). Tonight I was going to try again, without Aneros but I seemed to be getting some sensations so I thought “Ah feck it. What harm can it do?” so in went my Trident. I then continued my exercises and, not sure if nature took over but I found myself hard (not the issue). I also naturally gravitated to both my Base and PC muscles being flexed, and just doing the top. So my questions are a) am I doing it right, and b) when flexing my top should THAT be where all my main sensations are (almost like it’s being thrusted, or masturbated but v..e..r..y slowly and gently). And very pleasurable it was too, with a couple of gasps and ‘Oh my God!”s. Twice my stomach contracted then my head fell back on the pillow! Sadly no precum or anything but it felt like it was. (But I’m not chasing the orgasm; I’m letting it chase me)

I got to the point that a little bit of alcohol gets me going…

I’m writing this as I am experiencing some crazy prostate stimulation without anything inserted it.

I work from home, so my time is pretty flexible. I had two glasses of wine about an hour ago and just a couple ass muscle contractions are getting me over the edge.
My perineum area is extremely hard, I get shivers all over my scrotum almost like someone is touching my balls, and my prostate is shaking involuntary inside.

It’s a shame that I have to go back to work, but I’m sure if I had inserted my Aneros, I would’ve been crawling the walls at this point. As I contracted my ass muscles, I automatically start arching my neck and my back.

Ughhh. A small hit of weed would get me just right there! Sucks I have a big project to finish tonight but i think I’m gonna reward myself later tonight.

Just wanted to share this with you guys because I know lots of you appreciate my posts.

Happy riding!

Unintentionally have more success A-less. How to make it repeatable?

Anyone else have this happen to them? I had a more powerful orgasm aless basically out of nowhere than I have ever had when using either of my aneros.

I have been having pretty good sessions lately with my helix syn and progasm. A couple times a week. Each session seems to be better than the last or if I don’t get the same sensations I learn more about my body and what to do/not to do. Overall I’m happy with my progress.

Two days ago though I had a more intense prostate orgasm aless than I’ve ever had with either of my aneros inserted. I had vaped some weed(normal for me) and had a rare night with the house completely to myself. Normally the only alone time is in the early morning before work. I had taken about a week off since my last session and about 4-5 days since my last traditional orgasm. I was sitting on the couch watching sports, not horny at all, and all of a sudden I feel a tingle and a slight warmth radiating from my prostate.