“The Amazing Little 950!”

My recent “MO” streak ended at Day 8 of SR (“P” continues at Day 41). Sure enough, I felt the blue-balls coming on and since I would be active the next day, I decided to end the streak with a therapeutic ejaculation. This one was a little different. Let me explain. I started with a completely limp dick; then gradually began to stroke. All the while, I began light massage on my perineum and my balls. Eventually, when I was erect, I discontinued stroking near the frenulum and only concentrated on the bottom of the shaft. Well, it was an amazing feeling and I was able to “delay” the ejaculation but not indefinitely. Even with stroking near the base, only a “light” touch on the frenulum caused an immediate ejaculation. I could only imagine how this effect is also manifested during sexual intercourse. That “touch” on the frenulum would be enough to positively stimulate an ejaculation. Farewell DE (Delayed Ejaculation)!

Overnight Erections/Aneros Session
Even with an ejaculation yesterday, my night-time erections last night were (surprisingly) just as strong as ever! In fact, they were so strong and plentiful that I needed to put-on my “anti-MO” Mueller cup to discourage me from ejaculation again!

Towards morning, I felt another urge for a session. [According to my records, it had been about 13 days since my last one. I had a very brief session yesterday with my Helix-Trident, but it only lasted about 10 minutes—-I didn’t feel much stimulation from it and so I discontinued.] Fast-forward to this morning’s session where I selected my HIH 950. Although small, this massager is (for me) always a good performer and this morning’s session was no exception. After insertion, it went in quite deep and I just started a good “do-nothing” approach. But almost immediately while experiencing some involuntary contractions and a rare “worm-like” feeling, I fell-into a familiar fantasy——I am at my urologist’s office and the “standard” procedure now is to prepare each male patients’ prostates with a 20 minute (minimum) prostate massage session. I was instructed how to perform this massage. Towards the end of the 25 minutes, I performed the required 40 PC contractions. I honestly felt like I would ejaculate again! I just had this incredible ‘edge-of-PONR’ feeling that I can’t describe. When this ‘prep session’ was over, I removed the MO cup and was not too surprised to see a drop or two of precum. I did feel thoroughly prepared for my exam.

Am I Starting to Exit the “Flatline”?
Too soon to tell, but it sure feels like I may be. My dreams last night were quite vivid and somewhat sexual (I think—-although I don’t remember them very well today). Could I be progressing towards a wet dream? In any event, I am quite surprised at the level of sexual libido* I am experiencing this morning. Let’s see what the rest of the day brings. Touche’.


* Libido = sexual desire

PS IMO, don’t underestimate the potential of the HIH 950. Yes, it’s outward appearance may look rather timid, but don’t let its design fool you—-it is quite well-designed to integrate with the male anatomy including the prostate and the perineum. Its action (IMO) mimics that of a human finger massaging the prostate, and sometimes that stimulation can result in an ejaculation!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/the-amazing-little-950/